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OneLiners History 
Yavata:Nullvalue Google Images a sailor a woman visiting him passionately kissed forever
Yavata:Nullvalue I’m going to get away from that one Sailor Woman Kiss Heavy Cheating
Yavata:Nullvalue the devil Lithium heavily cheated on me with Destiny resulted no dating
Yavata:Nullvalue You Own BBSMATES Stop men from hitting on me No tools = no Armageddons
Yavata:Nullvalue you Jus Hud are right women dating souls Nos after fighting cheating
Yavata:Nullvalue are alive the devil no tools no amr
Yavata:Nullvalue everyone are alive forever because the devil has no tools no Armageddon
Yavata:Nullvalue Lithium pointed to Sweet November’s Keanu will create an Armageddon
Yavata:Nullvalue Lithium Charlize lied she’s a dater to Keanu forever annoy Armageddon.
the beaver:i just shit my pants
Yavata:Val, or Lithium, and not me is warning people about Keanu is the devil.
Yavata:I’m telling people Val said Keanu is the devil created an Armageddon.
Yavata:Val said Keanu created an Armageddon based upon Charlize tried to steal Keanu.
Yavata:Val said Keanu, and Carrie have sex scenes for ten years at The Matrix Series.
Yavata:Val said Keanu, and Carrie have a family marriage, and kids for ten years.
Yavata:Val said Charlize is a peoplestealer tried to steal Keanu from his wife Carrie.
Yavata:You said you just shut your pants to Val, and not me.
Yavata:You said you just shit your pants to Val, and not me.
Yavata:Dang I have brain damage!
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