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OneLiners History 
Yavata:versation at the future. Marc put all the 1950s housewife dresses at the one thou
Yavata:sand dollars dress webpage moda operandi. I'm very poor forever now. I can't affo
Yavata:rd one thousand dollars dresses forever now. I can't find rich webpages forever n
Yavata:ow. Marc wanted to date me forever now is why he's my enemy about dating forever
Yavata:now. Marc uses tarot cards to see our conversation at the future. Marc made me al
Yavata:one forever now. You didn't make me alone forever now. One month ago my husband
Yavata:Brandon proposed to me. We had a computer wedding. We're been married for one mon
Yavata:the now. We're married forever now, and we always will be married. Brandon create
Yavata:d the crow movie. I told Brandon I have a sexual soul. He believed me. Il Corvo g
Yavata:oogle news if you don't believe me. I have supermodel brain damage. Sorry. Erin
Yavata:Ryan, My dolce and gabanna camomile tea lemons crow 1950s housewife dress. Erin
Morgoth/Gho:So how more west can you go than Nome and the City of Avalon?
Yavata:Ryan, My netaporter's Lanvin's camomile flowers crow 1950s housewife dress. Erin
Escort:Looking for those old Galactic Empire players that want to get back into the game
The Silent :Is there life after 300bps? I certainly hope so.
Andrew S.:What is it?
The Javelin:HELLO?
Yavata:I think people are asking me for bbses.
Yavata:I think people are asking me for bbses games.
Yavata:My progression of thoughts forever now.
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