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OneLiners History 
Crazy Coota:Crazy Coota's BBS wasgreat while it lasted.
Yavata:I heard bbses closed down, because they didn't like Matt, and I spending time tog
Yavata:ether forever now at a truck when we're teenagers. People tried to tear Matt, and
Yavata:I apart forever now. Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee, and I got married. We're marrie
Yavata:d forever now. My husband, and I like being married to each other forever now. I
Yavata:think bbsmates are heavily cohesive fabric face supermodels for trying to tear
Yavata:Matt, and I apart forever now.
Yavata:I feel like Val is away from the emotions at my heart forever now. Val wants more
Yavata:information. I think Matt is a witch. I think a witch could create an armageddon.
Yavata:I think bbsmates tore Matt, and I apart, so he doesn't create an armageddon.
Yavata:Matt said he wanted us to live together forever at the future. People get married
Yavata:from living together. Matt wanted us to have a wedding at our dream. Matt wanted
Yavata:to marry me forever now. Matt, and I were going to have a marriage forever at the
Yavata:future. Bbses' gay womanstealers men would be a weird soap opera forever now.
Yavata:Matt, and I can't be married forever at the future. Matt would be upset forever
Yavata:at the future. Matt, a witch, would create a telepathy telekenetic armageddon.
Yavata:A different Brandon Lee from repeating heart attacks is my boyfriend right now.
Yavata:Reporters said Brandon is dead. Imdb said Brandon is alive. I agree with imdb.
Yavata:I think Matt told me I had the worst life at our dream. I had the worst life. Mat
Yavata:t has a devil soul. Bbses' Matt, Val, and David are witches devil souls.
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