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Lose contact with your old BBS buddies during the internet revolution? 

On this website, you can:
• Search a list of 75,000 BBSs that existed from the 80's to present!
• If you were a sysop, look for your old BBS or add it if it's not already in the database.
• Add yourself as a member to BBSs that you called.
• Find members that you used to chat and game with!

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OneLiners History 
nullvalue:aaaaand we're back.. again. this time on real server hardware!
nullvalue:email is working again. hope to get the door games online soon.
nullvalue:in the meantime, please report any issues with the site
Doctor Clu:Good to see you back! So you working on a secure connection too?
nullvalue:Thanks! It's not the top of my priority list, but I'd like to.
Ryche:glad to see it back!!!!
Ryche:i would contribute towards an SSL cert..
Spitfire:My account was still here! Hello from RoF!!
tracker1:Got in... anyone know how/where to change your password?
bucko:Wow, got signed on!! Nice!!
John Polka:Nice to see this website back! It's also funny seeing my old one liner above! :)
The Ozone:ryche: contact me
lily:got signed on !!
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