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Lose contact with your old BBS buddies during the internet revolution? 

On this website, you can:
• Search a list of 75,000 BBSs that existed from the 80's to present!
• If you were a sysop, look for your old BBS or add it if it's not already in the database.
• Add yourself as a member to BBSs that you called.
• Find members that you used to chat and game with!

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OneLiners History 
Yavata:Peope here are weird speaking's weird people, and stupid insane people.
Yavata:People here are weird, and insane multilosers people.
Yavata:People are criticizing themselves forever now.
Yavata:People are trying to figure out why I look the way I do.
Yavata:People think forever now Disneyland's, "When I wish upon a star." songs.
Alina:Hello, everyone.
Zero C**L, :Yavata get a real life and stop spamming. I enjoy this website very much.
Jokester:Where has everyone gone?
Photon, Liq:Pretzels ate my cat.
Photon, Liq:is telnet:// not working for anyone else?
Skirmish,Na:Smell my bread
dong:water the clouds
Jas Hud:good job losing bbsfinder
nullvalue:yeah... let that one get away from me :(
nullvalue:Telnet/GameSrv is not up since the server move - on the back burner
nullvalue:Just dug out a Windows XP machine and am thinking about getting the doors back up
nullvalue:btw for bbsfinder i still have all the code but will need a new domain
Bandit:Forums and email contact forms appear to be broken. Willing to try and help fix
Jamtool :I bought an ant farm. I have no idea where I’m going to find tractors that small.
Mindless Au:Still shakin' it here, boss!
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