nullvalue: Hello, and welcome to! enjoy your stay!7/17/2002
nullvalue: Voting booth coming soon!7/17/2002
nullvalue: Forum for each BBS coming soon!7/17/2002
Dragon: The only way to win, is to not play the game.7/17/2002
Rabbit: Keep looking up 'cause that is where the Dragon is.7/17/2002
spartan: HELLO7/18/2002
Time Warrio: OK lets see if this works7/19/2002
Time Warrio: did :-)7/19/2002
The Slipped: Hurrah.7/19/2002
tiger: anyone know of a telnet Amiga bbs with a hacker game?7/20/2002
The Phantom: The Outer Limits7/21/2002
Johann Wahn: TW: Hi :)7/21/2002
Time Warrio: I know of a Cnet board but dunno if it has that game7/21/2002
EPoCoLYPS: damn this brings back memories7/21/2002
Hanger 18: It can be easily ascertained that the Toenail owns u7/22/2002
Benjy mouse: What a cool website!7/23/2002
cold, et al: i had an actual amiga bbs, until i updated DOS.7/23/2002
cold, et al: thou it works on my old A2000. 7/23/2002
Ryche: anyone have Transphor BBS software (not the forum hak7/23/2002
ACTION: My favorite BBS Door is Imperium7/23/2002
Heavy Metal: Le Maison De Metal BBS is STILL alive! 360-493-0798 7/23/2002
MOD: -spam- telnet://warlordz.darktech.org7/24/2002
South Side: Anyone from Virtual Playmates?7/24/2002
South Side: Anyone from Virtual Playmates?7/24/2002
Virus_II: telnet:// - Games only board7/24/2002
Niro, Hemlo: Image BBS Rocked!7/24/2002
the doctor: 602 Arizona BBSer... check out http://retrobbs.org7/24/2002
the doctor: 602 Arizona BBSer... check out http://retrobbs.org7/24/2002
Immortal: telnet://hideawayonline.net7/25/2002
Captain Vid: Check out Wyldeside BBS telnet://wyldeside.dyndns.org7/25/2002
DOC: The Doc was here :) http://www.docsplace.org7/26/2002
HardDrive: telnet://matrix.dotheyknow.net7/26/2002
Hanger 18: Broken Toenail 0wnZ bbsmates! w00t!7/27/2002
ThunderKat: Props to all us old school door gamers!!!7/27/2002
Virus_II: telnet:// - Games only board7/28/2002
eli: Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am telnet://skulls.sytes.net7/28/2002
MOD: telnet://warlordz.darktech.org7/29/2002
pink floyd: Pink Floyd was here (another brick in the wall) Fido7/31/2002
The Phantom: The Outer Limits BBS- call now!!8/1/2002
South Side: is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS8/1/2002
Vortex: The Vortex BBS http://vortx.darktech.org8/1/2002
Eight Ball: The Ass-Backwards BBS is back!!8/1/2002
Compu-man: C: C:\dos C:\dos\run run\dos\run8/1/2002
Junefly: Try telnet:// for some of the old games.8/3/2002
Diamond Dav: Telnet BBS Guide (400 BBSes!) http://www.dmine.com8/5/2002
Jabberwaki: Nite Eyes BBS!Door Games!telnet://niteeyes.etowns.net8/6/2002
ACTION: The SCUTTLEBUTT BBS theBUTT.thebbs.org8/11/2002
ACTION: The SCUTTLEBUTT BBS theBUTT.thebbs.org8/11/2002
lySergiDe: telnet:// //get faDeD\\8/13/2002
MOD: telnet://warlordz.darktech.org8/13/2002
HardDrive: The Matrix - telnet://matrix.dotheyknow.net8/15/2002
Eight Ball: Ass-Backwards BBS telnet:// www.ssabbs.com8/15/2002
DOC: WWW.DOCSPLACE.ORG Fidonet Mail! Try Our QWK Via Web!8/18/2002
Johann Wahn: Mental Meltdown BBS - telnet://mmbbs.darktech.org8/18/2002
Steve Winn: No! No! My BBS! My BBS!! telnet://bbs.at2k.org8/18/2002
Johann Wahn: telnet:// 8/21/2002
South Side: is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS8/22/2002
VH1: - looking for SAMMY HAGAR FANS8/22/2002
NightStar, : RPGN BBS telnet://rpgamers.homeftp.net8/22/2002
Eight Ball: SSA BBS Is back! telnet:// www.ssabbs.com8/23/2002
caphood: Piranha TELNET / customized Lord!!8/25/2002
sphearion: telnet://pheerxbbs.mine.nu8/27/2002
nullvalue: Link to BBSmates!
nullvalue: Thanks to everyone already linking! much appreciated!9/3/2002
Joyful Girl: Does anyone know of where I can find other old users?9/8/2002
eli: Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am eSt telnet://wwiv.bbs.us9/9/2002
South Side: is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS9/9/2002
Eight Ball: SSA BBS--The Ass-Backwards BBS telnet://ssabbs.com9/10/2002
Starfury: Any UK people here remember BabylonAlpha BBS and me?9/11/2002
Starfury: This place is being accessed quite regularly then?9/11/2002
kram: Check out my doorgame server @ telnet://bbs.wdgaf.com9/17/2002
sloop, X: need hosting for your bbs? email mark@tqhosting.com9/18/2002
Dr TTL: I bet you the M/F ratio is 99.999/.00019/19/2002
MrSelfDestr: Anyone from the old LIAnet South africa, contact me.9/19/2002
Kazmo, Daze: yo anybody remember little steven from 503? =)9/19/2002
Charles Wal: Look out! Here comes Slashdot!9/19/2002
PanaSonic: Totally /.'d. 300bps! lol Howdy 616/313 of old!9/19/2002
Luke: RAMBO MBBS (1989-1990) Greets you from Turku,FINLAND9/19/2002
South Side: is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS9/19/2002
South Side: is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS9/19/2002
eli: Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am telnet://skulls.sytes.net9/19/2002
Renoir: Looking for Renoir's Flying Circus members!9/19/2002
Xabbu: Clockwork Orange BBS - clockworkorangebbs.org9/19/2002
pcm: Free BBS Web & DNS hosting - http://bbs.us9/19/2002
Xenomorph: DEN OF ST. LOUIS - 314 BBS! You out there, Pez?9/19/2002
caglios: looking for icepik / kandy from Warriorz of Warez9/19/2002
Hanger 18: BrokenToenail.Mine.Nu - Since 19949/19/2002
SuperKermit: is all you need to know9/19/2002
SuperKermit: is all you need to know9/19/2002
Satan: OnEarthAsItIsInHell9/19/2002
enigma: the ozone bbs! since 1993 - telnet://ozone.eesc.com9/19/2002
Moonshadow: Carnifex from Madison, WI..where are ya? Anyone know?9/20/2002
The_Wiz: The ONLY social life in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Wizards Lair!9/20/2002
The_Wiz: The ONLY social life in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Wizards Lair!9/20/2002
Pfenrous Or: Dr. Deranged, Apache, ECR FIX, where are you guys?9/20/2002
lord nikon,: absolutezero (aZ!) for life.9/20/2002
Thrash: telnet:// - South Park Episodes!!!9/20/2002
laue, limey: Searching for ECN (310) ppl - Cindy, Waesel, others??9/20/2002
pcm: Free BBS Web & DNS Hosting - http://bbs.us9/20/2002
Jewel: hot babe on, rowr. 9/20/2002
SuperKermit: is all you need to know!9/20/2002
Abaddon: Fidonet still lives!9/20/2002
Vector: WWIV, MBBS, Spitfire, C-Net, Q-Link..woohoo! (504)9/20/2002
Zivilyn/Bat: The HELIX BBS, Pasadena TX9/20/2002
Eight Ball: SSA BBS - telnet:// --- www.ssabbs.com9/20/2002
Spooky: Yah! Spitfire and Nightfire forever!9/20/2002
haze: ooh! onliners, I'v been missing those...9/20/2002
Dark Elf: Hello to all form Charlotte, NC BBS users Go FunkNet9/20/2002
midnight ma: TimeZone BBS 84-85 313 (Atari Warez / JellyStone)9/20/2002
stiggy: Two words: Door games!9/20/2002
nullvalue: finally, i'm off the front page of slashdot! ;)9/20/2002
TRENCH: All we need now is an ANSI art gallery.9/20/2002
lacaid: 7i7, ph34r.9/20/2002
Legolas (le: Anybody up for TradeWars?9/20/2002
paully(or w: Telegard/Renegade/GremCit9/20/2002
trobbits: in 609 - badly missing 1984 & Elve's Grove...9/20/2002
trobbits: I'm up for some Taipan...9/20/2002
Toilet Duck: Looking for people from DreamNet! 858/619/760!9/20/2002
Greymalk: Where have all the SysOps gone? Long time calling...9/20/2002
smooth: Anybody from the EMZ?9/20/2002
The Highway: heh. any 415ers on here?9/20/2002
jammin: Looking for TheMaze users (314)9/20/2002
RC Mann: Looking for people from glorious, notorious Net 107.9/20/2002
shoRty: poop9/20/2002
eli: Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am eSt skulls.sytes.net9/20/2002
eli: so elite its only part time =-)~9/20/2002
Turbo: huh huh huh 9/20/2002
Battlecry: SR Minerva, we hardly new thee.9/21/2002
Battlecry: Errr... Knew ;)9/21/2002
Access Deni: 414 in tha house!@# DFS 0wnz j00! www.dsf.org9/21/2002
WaveRyder, : Jay and Silent Bob in the Hiz-ouse!9/21/2002
WaveRyder, : Jay and Silent Bob in the Hiz-ouse!9/21/2002
WaveRyder, : Jay and Silent Bob in the Hiz-ouse!9/21/2002
WaveRyder, : ..oops..9/21/2002
Rez: wh00t!9/21/2002
Presence: I am the Waffle King9/21/2002
kram: telnet to and play ThePit and more!9/21/2002
CyberWarrio: Rub a dub dub - roofle owned scrub9/21/2002
enigma blue: this site needs a stats section, w/ total member, etc9/21/2002
Farmer Bob: i miss LORD, hotchat and saturday meets @ the square.9/21/2002
Murph: Remember that Gov't # we dialed to test for a trace9/21/2002
tracker1: for you arizoners.. www.theroughnecks.net9/21/2002
Nadir: Has it really been 10 years?9/22/2002
Dragon Bait: Oh teh wonderful memories. The Hell Keep!!!!!!!9/22/2002
Ningauble: Ahh yes, the days of warezing 1.44MB files at 2400bps9/22/2002
merlyn: Has it really been 12 years?9/22/2002
CHRoNiC KiL: I miss BBS's,damn the internet,misses bbs users meets9/22/2002
bladernr: 20 years.. damn i feel old9/22/2002
Oracle: You ARE old!9/22/2002
Marx: farmer bob: miss lord? http://lord.lordlegacy.org9/22/2002
desius: Fun Reminiscing. Nothing can ever replace BBSs9/22/2002
emailpacket: Shop Smart Save Money - http://www.recknoemail.cc9/22/2002
Madman: back then my 300bps modem was as big as my printer9/22/2002
Madman: back then my 300bps modem was as big as my printer9/22/2002
Madman: back then my 300bps modem was as big as my printer9/22/2002
Link: I remember when 2400bps was "whoa!"...9/22/2002
Altinos: I remember spending $180 to get a new EGA monitor...9/22/2002
Stormhawk: SIRDOOM9/22/2002
James T. Ki: You should have 110 baud (acoustic) in the poll.9/22/2002
domino: wacky.9/23/2002
Fred Fish: Some FidoNet echos were more useful than web forums9/23/2002
kram: telnet to and play some doors9/23/2002
Eight Ball: SSA BBS - telnet:// --- www.ssabbs.com9/23/2002
night flyer: I remember spending $300 on 4 megs of Ram9/23/2002
Matrix: I was stuck in the green hell of monochrome.9/23/2002
blake: I remember spending $299 to get 32K (for my TI-99/4A)9/23/2002
Reflex Warh: I remember spending 350 in a 14.4 hst :)9/23/2002
Altinos: My XT with 1.2 meg RAM was cutting edge. :)9/23/2002
mike hammer: -- had a tandy with a cassette recorder for storage9/23/2002
TRENCH: I saved on my 14.4! $250 - SysOp deal from PPI! :)9/23/2002
TRENCH: I saved on my 14.4! $250 - SysOp deal from PPI! :)9/23/2002
TRENCH: I saved on my 14.4! $250 - SysOp deal from PPI! :)9/23/2002
TRENCH: Er... sorry. Mozilla got the hiccups. :(9/23/2002
Count Blood: Telemate run on a 286 with a 4Meg ISA card..Good Days9/23/2002
Altinos: Legend of
dpm: anyone remember USR's sysop eval modems? :)9/23/2002
dpm: avatex, hayes, popcom, USR, ZyXel... ahh, memories...9/23/2002
Spastic Ora: +++9/23/2002
dpm: Fido, Opus, RemoteAccess, PCBoard, your favourite?9/23/2002
dpm: My favourite S register? S11 :)9/23/2002
Altinos: NO CARRIER9/23/2002
Alpha Fight: Reality-O-Meter 0[\......]100 just as I thought.9/23/2002
reznor: Illusion and Renegade were the best software.9/23/2002
nullvalue: maybe that will be my next poll. :)9/23/2002
Ghost Rider: ... the joys of setting up FrontDoor ... ugh...9/23/2002
Electric Co: Use ANSI [Y/n]:?9/23/2002
Altinos: QWK packets9/23/2002
kagemusha: **B0000000000FFE9/23/2002
insanity: 1773 5p33k9/23/2002
kagemusha: not 1337?9/23/2002
iamme: how do I get some download credits around here?! :)9/23/2002
Professor W: ProTerm ruled9/23/2002
Rain, Choco: Don't forget the joys of Remote Access!9/23/2002
snigglez: ;nick [nickname] 9/23/2002
Ice Lord: Ascii Express.9/23/2002
Ice Lord: On a Zoom Telephonics Networker 300bps modem.9/23/2002
Ice Lord: With the little rocker-switch for Answer/Originate.9/23/2002
Ice Lord: It was a piece of crap; but that's what we had.9/23/2002
Ice Lord: And we liked it.9/23/2002
Urgo: Hello Greenfield Mass area BBSers!9/23/2002
Riverwind: Is there a BBS we can telnet in that has LORD? :)9/23/2002
kram: Lord, ThePit, Bordelo, Many MORE!9/24/2002
The Prophet: Written using Turbo Edlin ver 9.3 for Windows9/24/2002
bird, skand: What are BBS'ers up to these days? Myself, I WARDRIVE9/24/2002
Sy Borg: Greetings C-86 users in the Minnesota area. 9/24/2002
Altinos: Visual Edlin.NET ?9/24/2002
nullvalue: Riverwind - check the Telnet BBS List9/24/2002
Eight Ball: SSA BBS - - www.ssabbs.com9/24/2002
Matrix: I miss all the actions in the multi-node chats.9/24/2002
King Archiv: USR was great to SysOps! My first 9600/14.4k!!9/24/2002
The Thrill: Someone needs to make a Global Wars for the WWW!!!9/24/2002
noguevittin: Chat, type, voice all at once with SYSOP of BBS.9/24/2002
Malakai: Wanna start a Telnet BBS for free? Get SYNCHROnet9/24/2002
Agent Green: If I had more free time, I'd have my BBS up again...9/24/2002
Altinos: If I had a million dollars...9/24/2002
nullvalue: ...i wouldn't have to eat kraft dinner...9/24/2002
Joe: I haven't heard a busy signal in years9/24/2002
mailman: And I'm cute too...9/24/2002
Atlantis: I'm FINE!!!9/24/2002
Altinos: Remember constantly going over the 400 call limit? :)9/25/2002
Shadow Hear: Remember Animated ANSI Screens =P9/25/2002
Eight Ball: SSABBS has returned! telnet:ssabbs.com9/25/2002
MOD: Remember Animated ANSI at 2400 baud?9/25/2002
flyboy: I miss Tradewars9/25/2002
bthomas: Remember your first hard disk? 10 Megs!!!!9/25/2002
Catseye: 10 megs?! We only had 5 megs! And liked it!! ;)9/25/2002
dpm: seagate ST225 w/WD controller. still works!!!9/25/2002
dpm: PCTalk? QModem? Telix9/25/2002
flyboy: Telemate was king9/25/2002
Altinos: Commo9/25/2002
darkstar: ahh... Telemate. :)9/25/2002
JoshA: {Commo}9/25/2002
JoshA: Of course I started with Win3.1 Terminal ;)9/25/2002
nullvalue: anyone ever use Terminate? i loved that one9/25/2002
eli: i like bcom & ripterm 9/25/2002
eli: Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am eSt - skulls.sytes.net9/25/2002
Dreama: Telix was cool... Telemate was certainly better.9/25/2002
Dreama: Telix was cool... Telemate was certainly better.9/25/2002
manslayer: iniquity owns us all9/25/2002
Lykan: I dreamed in ANSI back then...9/25/2002
Altinos: Terminate was okay, but it had problems...9/25/2002
Altinos: When I started, there was no Windows. :-D9/25/2002
LOCKSMITH: terminate was ok until I moved on to minicom on linux9/25/2002
Lykan: Telemate and CShow and TheDraw9/25/2002
mr calojan: yeah! thedraw! haha, oh man. I forgot about thedraw.9/25/2002
Ducky: C-Net for the C64 rocked!!9/25/2002
Rage: MajorMUD!9/25/2002
Phoenix: Cshow! My God it's been a while, hasn't it?9/25/2002
spizz: What ever happened to Cavalier? That crazy solipsist9/25/2002
ByteBoy: RBBS !!9/26/2002
Metal Mania: Anyone used to go on my board, the Metal Shop?9/26/2002
Metal Mania: BTW it's back up telnet seattle-chat.com9/26/2002
Altinos: Super Z Modem9/26/2002
Shadow Hear: I Still Use THEDRAW For My Text Files9/26/2002
spizz: WombatNET Forever.9/26/2002
Renoir: TeleGard ROCKED9/26/2002
The Messiah: Telix RULES! RABID forever! EMULEX No. 1 !!9/26/2002
Eight Ball: ssabbs - - telnet:\\ssabbs.com9/26/2002
Viking Quee: Oh yeh! Telix!!9/26/2002
Altinos: Hayes 1200 modem: eBay item # 2056051911 Vintage!9/26/2002
Doctor Who,: Does anyone else remember VampNET?9/26/2002
peteo: Trade WAR's!!!!!!!9/26/2002
Quarex: 309 Users REPRESENT!9/26/2002
Marx: to talk to bbsers9/26/2002
Kutulu: It's spelled WoMbAtNET you gimp.9/26/2002
Altinos: The days of swine and roses...9/26/2002
The Doctor: Love Telix! Wrote my own BBS with it!9/26/2002
Mage Raistl: Lord, trade wars, and more.. *sigh*9/26/2002
kram: Play lord, tradewars, global wars bbs.wdgaf.com9/27/2002
Eight Ball: SSA BBS - Ass-Backwards BBS www.ssabbs.com9/27/2002
Justin Thym: Telix-based bbs's! yeah! Wish I still had mine...:-(9/27/2002
Little Nemo: Seattle Cits still live! telnet://bbs.slumberland.org9/28/2002
No.6: I still have my BBS backed up to disk. :-)9/28/2002
Gary Green: I have mine on CDROM.9/29/2002
eli: Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am telnet://skulls.sytes.net9/30/2002
Heavy Metal: Le Maison De Metal * 360-493-0798 * available 24/79/30/2002
Renoir: I used to be WWIVNet node 6969 ... :-)9/30/2002
Squonk: Depths of hell BBS: telnet://depths.hell.org9/30/2002
timbuktu: My BBS's Last caller got to delete it as a prize.10/1/2002
South Side: is looking for friends from Vurtual Pleasures BBS10/1/2002
Eight Ball: Reliving the BBS past-1 Byte at a Time www.ssabbs.com10/1/2002
kram: LORD ThePit tw2002 Studs! + MORE!10/1/2002
thepinkappa: I miss the crazy parties we used to have all the time10/1/2002
Hanger 18: BrokenToenail.Mine.Nu - The world's most active BBS.10/2/2002
Altinos: Our BBS get togethers were rather fun...10/2/2002
darkstar: The get-togethers were the best part of BBSing...10/2/2002
Chamelion: Chamelion has just logged on!10/3/2002
aldinium: Weirdo BBS: telnet://weirdo.dyndns.org10/3/2002
pilferer: cripple smash was the best door EVE10/3/2002