nullvalue:Hello, and welcome to! enjoy your stay!
nullvalue:Voting booth coming soon!
nullvalue:Forum for each BBS coming soon!
Dragon:The only way to win, is to not play the game.
Rabbit:Keep looking up 'cause that is where the Dragon is.
Time Warrio:OK lets see if this works
Time did :-)
The Slipped:Hurrah.
tiger:anyone know of a telnet Amiga bbs with a hacker game?
The The Outer Limits
Johann Wahn:TW: Hi :)
Time Warrio:I know of a Cnet board but dunno if it has that game
EPoCoLYPS:damn this brings back memories
Hanger 18:It can be easily ascertained that the Toenail owns u
Benjy mouse:What a cool website!
cold, et al:i had an actual amiga bbs, until i updated DOS.
cold, et al:thou it works on my old A2000.
Ryche:anyone have Transphor BBS software (not the forum hak
ACTION:My favorite BBS Door is Imperium
Heavy Metal:Le Maison De Metal BBS is STILL alive! 360-493-0798
MOD:-spam- telnet://
South Side:Anyone from Virtual Playmates?
South Side:Anyone from Virtual Playmates?
Virus_II:telnet:// - Games only board
Niro, Hemlo:Image BBS Rocked!
the doctor:602 Arizona BBSer... check out
the doctor:602 Arizona BBSer... check out
Captain Vid:Check out Wyldeside BBS telnet://
DOC:The Doc was here :)
Hanger 18:Broken Toenail 0wnZ bbsmates! w00t!
ThunderKat:Props to all us old school door gamers!!!
Virus_II:telnet:// - Games only board
eli:Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am telnet://
pink floyd:Pink Floyd was here (another brick in the wall) Fido
The Phantom:The Outer Limits BBS- call now!!
South Side:is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS
Vortex:The Vortex BBS
Eight Ball:The Ass-Backwards BBS is back!!
Compu-man:C: C:\dos C:\dos\run run\dos\run
Junefly:Try telnet:// for some of the old games.
Diamond Dav:Telnet BBS Guide (400 BBSes!)
Jabberwaki:Nite Eyes BBS!Door Games!telnet://
lySergiDe:telnet:// //get faDeD\\
HardDrive:The Matrix - telnet://
Eight Ball:Ass-Backwards BBS telnet://
DOC:WWW.DOCSPLACE.ORG Fidonet Mail! Try Our QWK Via Web!
Johann Wahn:Mental Meltdown BBS - telnet://
Steve Winn:No! No! My BBS! My BBS!! telnet://
Johann Wahn:telnet://
South Side:is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS - looking for SAMMY HAGAR FANS
NightStar, :RPGN BBS telnet://
Eight Ball:SSA BBS Is back! telnet://
caphood:Piranha TELNET / customized Lord!!
nullvalue:Link to BBSmates!
nullvalue:Thanks to everyone already linking! much appreciated!
Joyful Girl:Does anyone know of where I can find other old users?
eli:Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am eSt telnet://
South Side:is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS
Eight Ball:SSA BBS--The Ass-Backwards BBS telnet://
Starfury:Any UK people here remember BabylonAlpha BBS and me?
Starfury:This place is being accessed quite regularly then?
kram:Check out my doorgame server @ telnet://
sloop, X:need hosting for your bbs? email
Dr TTL:I bet you the M/F ratio is 99.999/.0001
MrSelfDestr:Anyone from the old LIAnet South africa, contact me.
Kazmo, Daze:yo anybody remember little steven from 503? =)
Charles Wal:Look out! Here comes Slashdot!
PanaSonic:Totally /.'d. 300bps! lol Howdy 616/313 of old!
Luke:RAMBO MBBS (1989-1990) Greets you from Turku,FINLAND
South Side:is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS
South Side:is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS
eli:Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am telnet://
Renoir:Looking for Renoir's Flying Circus members!
Xabbu:Clockwork Orange BBS -
pcm:Free BBS Web & DNS hosting -
Xenomorph:DEN OF ST. LOUIS - 314 BBS! You out there, Pez?
caglios:looking for icepik / kandy from Warriorz of Warez
Hanger 18:BrokenToenail.Mine.Nu - Since 1994
SuperKermit: is all you need to know
SuperKermit: is all you need to know
Satan: OnEarthAsItIsInHell
enigma:the ozone bbs! since 1993 - telnet://
Moonshadow:Carnifex from Madison, WI..where are ya? Anyone know?
The_Wiz:The ONLY social life in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Wizards Lair!
The_Wiz:The ONLY social life in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Wizards Lair!
Pfenrous Or:Dr. Deranged, Apache, ECR FIX, where are you guys?
lord nikon,:absolutezero (aZ!) for life.
Thrash:telnet:// - South Park Episodes!!!
laue, limey:Searching for ECN (310) ppl - Cindy, Waesel, others??
pcm:Free BBS Web & DNS Hosting -
Jewel:hot babe on, rowr.
SuperKermit: is all you need to know!
Abaddon:Fidonet still lives!
Vector:WWIV, MBBS, Spitfire, C-Net, Q-Link..woohoo! (504)
Zivilyn/Bat:The HELIX BBS, Pasadena TX
Eight Ball:SSA BBS - telnet:// ---
Spooky:Yah! Spitfire and Nightfire forever!
haze:ooh! onliners, I'v been missing those...
Dark Elf:Hello to all form Charlotte, NC BBS users Go FunkNet
midnight ma:TimeZone BBS 84-85 313 (Atari Warez / JellyStone)
stiggy:Two words: Door games!
nullvalue:finally, i'm off the front page of slashdot! ;)
TRENCH:All we need now is an ANSI art gallery.
lacaid:7i7, ph34r.
Legolas (le:Anybody up for TradeWars?
paully(or w:Telegard/Renegade/GremCit
trobbits:in 609 - badly missing 1984 & Elve's Grove...
trobbits:I'm up for some Taipan...
Toilet Duck:Looking for people from DreamNet! 858/619/760!
Greymalk:Where have all the SysOps gone? Long time calling...
smooth:Anybody from the EMZ?
The Highway:heh. any 415ers on here?
jammin:Looking for TheMaze users (314)
RC Mann:Looking for people from glorious, notorious Net 107.
eli:Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am eSt
eli:so elite its only part time =-)~
Turbo:huh huh huh
Battlecry:SR Minerva, we hardly new thee.
Battlecry:Errr... Knew ;)
Access Deni:414 in tha house!@# DFS 0wnz j00!
WaveRyder, :Jay and Silent Bob in the Hiz-ouse!
WaveRyder, :Jay and Silent Bob in the Hiz-ouse!
WaveRyder, :Jay and Silent Bob in the Hiz-ouse!
WaveRyder, :..oops..
Presence:I am the Waffle King
kram:telnet to and play ThePit and more!
CyberWarrio:Rub a dub dub - roofle owned scrub
enigma blue:this site needs a stats section, w/ total member, etc
Farmer Bob:i miss LORD, hotchat and saturday meets @ the square.
Murph:Remember that Gov't # we dialed to test for a trace
tracker1:for you arizoners..
Nadir:Has it really been 10 years?
Dragon Bait:Oh teh wonderful memories. The Hell Keep!!!!!!!
Ningauble:Ahh yes, the days of warezing 1.44MB files at 2400bps
merlyn:Has it really been 12 years?
CHRoNiC KiL:I miss BBS's,damn the internet,misses bbs users meets
bladernr:20 years.. damn i feel old
Oracle:You ARE old!
Marx:farmer bob: miss lord?
desius:Fun Reminiscing. Nothing can ever replace BBSs
emailpacket:Shop Smart Save Money -
Madman:back then my 300bps modem was as big as my printer
Madman:back then my 300bps modem was as big as my printer
Madman:back then my 300bps modem was as big as my printer
Link:I remember when 2400bps was "whoa!"...
Altinos:I remember spending $180 to get a new EGA monitor...
James T. Ki:You should have 110 baud (acoustic) in the poll.
Fred Fish:Some FidoNet echos were more useful than web forums
kram:telnet to and play some doors
Eight Ball:SSA BBS - telnet:// ---
night flyer:I remember spending $300 on 4 megs of Ram
Matrix:I was stuck in the green hell of monochrome.
blake:I remember spending $299 to get 32K (for my TI-99/4A)
Reflex Warh:I remember spending 350 in a 14.4 hst :)
Altinos:My XT with 1.2 meg RAM was cutting edge. :)
mike hammer:-- had a tandy with a cassette recorder for storage
TRENCH:I saved on my 14.4! $250 - SysOp deal from PPI! :)
TRENCH:I saved on my 14.4! $250 - SysOp deal from PPI! :)
TRENCH:I saved on my 14.4! $250 - SysOp deal from PPI! :)
TRENCH:Er... sorry. Mozilla got the hiccups. :(
Count Blood:Telemate run on a 286 with a 4Meg ISA card..Good Days
Altinos:Legend of
dpm:anyone remember USR's sysop eval modems? :)
dpm:avatex, hayes, popcom, USR, ZyXel... ahh, memories...
Spastic Ora:+++
dpm:Fido, Opus, RemoteAccess, PCBoard, your favourite?
dpm:My favourite S register? S11 :)
Alpha Fight:Reality-O-Meter 0[\......]100 just as I thought.
reznor:Illusion and Renegade were the best software.
nullvalue:maybe that will be my next poll. :)
Ghost Rider:... the joys of setting up FrontDoor ... ugh...
Electric Co:Use ANSI [Y/n]:?
Altinos:QWK packets
insanity:1773 5p33k
kagemusha:not 1337?
iamme:how do I get some download credits around here?! :)
Professor W:ProTerm ruled
Rain, Choco:Don't forget the joys of Remote Access!
snigglez:;nick [nickname]
Ice Lord:Ascii Express.
Ice Lord:On a Zoom Telephonics Networker 300bps modem.
Ice Lord:With the little rocker-switch for Answer/Originate.
Ice Lord:It was a piece of crap; but that's what we had.
Ice Lord:And we liked it.
Urgo:Hello Greenfield Mass area BBSers!
Riverwind:Is there a BBS we can telnet in that has LORD? :) Lord, ThePit, Bordelo, Many MORE!
The Prophet:Written using Turbo Edlin ver 9.3 for Windows
bird, skand:What are BBS'ers up to these days? Myself, I WARDRIVE
Sy Borg:Greetings C-86 users in the Minnesota area.
Altinos:Visual Edlin.NET ?
nullvalue:Riverwind - check the Telnet BBS List
Eight Ball:SSA BBS - -
Matrix:I miss all the actions in the multi-node chats.
King Archiv:USR was great to SysOps! My first 9600/14.4k!!
The Thrill:Someone needs to make a Global Wars for the WWW!!!
noguevittin:Chat, type, voice all at once with SYSOP of BBS.
Malakai:Wanna start a Telnet BBS for free? Get SYNCHROnet
Agent Green:If I had more free time, I'd have my BBS up again...
Altinos:If I had a million dollars...
nullvalue:...i wouldn't have to eat kraft dinner...
Joe:I haven't heard a busy signal in years
mailman:And I'm cute too...
Atlantis:I'm FINE!!!
Altinos:Remember constantly going over the 400 call limit? :)
Shadow Hear:Remember Animated ANSI Screens =P
Eight Ball:SSABBS has returned!
MOD:Remember Animated ANSI at 2400 baud?
flyboy:I miss Tradewars
bthomas:Remember your first hard disk? 10 Megs!!!!
Catseye:10 megs?! We only had 5 megs! And liked it!! ;)
dpm:seagate ST225 w/WD controller. still works!!!
dpm:PCTalk? QModem? Telix
flyboy:Telemate was king
darkstar:ahh... Telemate. :)
JoshA:Of course I started with Win3.1 Terminal ;)
nullvalue:anyone ever use Terminate? i loved that one
eli:i like bcom & ripterm
eli:Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am eSt -
Dreama:Telix was cool... Telemate was certainly better.
Dreama:Telix was cool... Telemate was certainly better.
manslayer:iniquity owns us all
Lykan:I dreamed in ANSI back then...
Altinos:Terminate was okay, but it had problems...
Altinos:When I started, there was no Windows. :-D
LOCKSMITH:terminate was ok until I moved on to minicom on linux
Lykan:Telemate and CShow and TheDraw
mr calojan:yeah! thedraw! haha, oh man. I forgot about thedraw.
Ducky:C-Net for the C64 rocked!!
Phoenix:Cshow! My God it's been a while, hasn't it?
spizz:What ever happened to Cavalier? That crazy solipsist
ByteBoy:RBBS !!
Metal Mania:Anyone used to go on my board, the Metal Shop?
Metal Mania:BTW it's back up telnet
Altinos:Super Z Modem
Shadow Hear:I Still Use THEDRAW For My Text Files
spizz:WombatNET Forever.
Renoir:TeleGard ROCKED
The Messiah:Telix RULES! RABID forever! EMULEX No. 1 !!
Eight Ball:ssabbs - - telnet:\\
Viking Quee:Oh yeh! Telix!!
Altinos:Hayes 1200 modem: eBay item # 2056051911 Vintage!
Doctor Who,:Does anyone else remember VampNET?
peteo:Trade WAR's!!!!!!!
Quarex:309 Users REPRESENT!
Marx: to talk to bbsers
Kutulu:It's spelled WoMbAtNET you gimp.
Altinos:The days of swine and roses...
The Doctor:Love Telix! Wrote my own BBS with it!
Mage Raistl:Lord, trade wars, and more.. *sigh*
kram:Play lord, tradewars, global wars
Eight Ball:SSA BBS - Ass-Backwards BBS
Justin Thym:Telix-based bbs's! yeah! Wish I still had mine...:-(
Little Nemo:Seattle Cits still live! telnet://
No.6:I still have my BBS backed up to disk. :-)
Gary Green:I have mine on CDROM.
eli:Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am telnet://
Heavy Metal:Le Maison De Metal * 360-493-0798 * available 24/7
Renoir:I used to be WWIVNet node 6969 ... :-)
Squonk:Depths of hell BBS: telnet://
timbuktu:My BBS's Last caller got to delete it as a prize.
South Side:is looking for friends from Vurtual Pleasures BBS
Eight Ball:Reliving the BBS past-1 Byte at a Time LORD ThePit tw2002 Studs! + MORE!
thepinkappa:I miss the crazy parties we used to have all the time
Hanger 18:BrokenToenail.Mine.Nu - The world's most active BBS.
Altinos:Our BBS get togethers were rather fun...
darkstar:The get-togethers were the best part of BBSing...
Chamelion:Chamelion has just logged on!
aldinium:Weirdo BBS: telnet://
pilferer:cripple smash was the best door EVE
Al Lawrence:We are still going strong:
V3RUC4:Chamelion! Email me! This is Cyber Chick ;)
Toilet Duck:Looking for people in the 858/760 !! DreamNet & MCS!
demolition :Where is Ed Lawrence, what REALLY happened?
Boba Fett:any old members of FLiP in the house?
kram:I wanna know where all the DOOR authors ARE!
Slade:Anyone know a "Ford Prefect" from the 413 area?
Altinos:Where oh where has my little dog gone...
kram:telnet:// - Doors doors and more doors
Eight - Relive the BBS Past! telnet too!
Frito Munch:Anyone remember Renegade Net from 410/301 area code?
.\tomic:any foo's in the 408?
Shalda:telnet:// - I hope to have doors soon.
No.6:I'm a door author (or was). Is there an emergency?
mudshark:What ever happened to Thomas J. Smith?
matrix:telnet:// - #1 BBS in the world.
God Man Meg:ISCA BBS has over 5,000 active users and 2 hot chicks
Stiletto:telnet:// YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!
Dan Birchal:wait... one hot chick is my wife, who's the other?
Bud Fields:Heinous BBS. telnet login: bbs
Dr No:ISCA BBS: No Jews or Blacks, please
JL:Heinous BBS is for homosexual opera singers.
Copper Leth:ISCABBS...we change minds with great debate.
M Bison:Remember, wherever you go, there you are!
Marigolds:ISCABBS: telnet://
Anvil:What are you all doing here? Come back to ISCA!
The Empress:Wait, this isn't a porn registry?
Eight Ball:Reliving the BBS Past-One Byte at a time -
Bud Fields:JL is for homosexual opera singers.
Bud Fields:Heinous thanks JL for the publicity!
Bud Fields:Heinous BBS. telnet://
KenDog:Unzip, Expand, Explode - What pervert thought of this
Bud Fields:ISCA/Heinous: Iowa BBS Axis Of Evil
xrayecho:Hey, Bud, now what?
Bud Fields:Beats the heck out of me.
Lor:I'm an apathetic sociopath - I'd kill you if I cared.
Altinos:Definition of sadomasochism? Beats me.
-=eD:Oh, now that is CoOL. Is That CoOL? Where good doors go to die
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past-One Byte at a time!
Wookie:No Carrier? Then how do I get my mail?!?!
Cyberspace :But I don't have an anykey!
Tigger:Bluewave? where's my stinkin' bluewave!!
Beast:EOD: If you see me running--CATCH UP!
Joker:I need to crash me some boards.
Altinos:Once had power co. reset electric to restart a BBS...
Altinos:Sysop was on vacation and the board crashed. :)
Joker:That's creative!I always used backdoors and ....
Slayer:Suck a slimey one Christmas user! : )
Slayer:NO dude, I'm not beiging off the cop station!
Mirage:Choosy perverts choose GIF
nullvalue:CLAP ON (clap clap) CLAP OFF (cl.. ¾Ö¬ôÔÂùNO CARRIER
Marc:Dial rules!
Marc:telnet to
Katie/Adam :Pimp Wars and Food Fight, those were the days...
Eight the bbs past-one byte at a time
Altinos:Give them the clap.
Lestat:Long Live (AKA Dial) (Member forever)
Lestat:Surivial of the BBS's ... Jungle Rulz!
frendak69:yay dial :)
black light:Winter in Arizona falls on a Tuesday this year.
dr. smooth:How many graphical BBS's were there? All the doors you remember
Altinos:I'm having trouble trying to sleep...
Dan Birchal:Too much sex will do that. So will not enough.
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past - - telnet too.
AcidLiGHt:Virtual Sysop pwnz teh bwnz!
nette:hi everyone
nullvalue:hi nette
Altinos:Phenomenal sysop power! Itty bitty hard drive space.
Dormouse, T:Growing wheat is the thing to do?
The Dormous:Hi all in the Seattle area! (Total Dude was not here)
nullvalue:JOIN THE LORD GAME!!!
Foebea:hmmm... i think its time to set up another bbs...
sloop, X:hello area code 919
Radio Wave: lord...
Cookie:LORD! I hope BBSMates adds TW2002 and/or BRE too :)
Piggy:Maybe this will delete cookie's one line
Piggy:NOoooo they go the other way...anyway...LORD!!
Hotshot:Your probe encountered the Wanderer in sector 784...
Captain Vid:Wyldeside - Do the right thing - Lets try to make Trivia BIG!
eli:Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am eSt telnet://
EvilLord:Wizards Keep, telnet:// and Website
Katie/Adam :I hope they add Foodfight and Pimpwars
Marx: to talk to bbsers
Altinos:Hi. Welcome to Hell.
Squiggy Da :410ers Unite!
Dragon:Dungeon BBS, telnet://
Blue - Global Wars for the BBS Challenged. 8)
Cookie:Are there any telnet BBSs w/ CrossroadsOfTheElements?
Fletch:Telnet to: DDial/Sts Chat!
CaptainJack:Beware tagline *CAN* happen to you!
rancorex:Sleep, that's where I'm A VIKING!!!
every1compa:< ... read
Power Monge:Wow... 14.4 is friggen fast!
Toilet Duck:Looking for people in the 858/760 !! DreamNet & MCS!
Lurch:telnet:// retro BBS fun!
Altinos:I am the man from the human choke hold.
safesax:It was the heat of the night........
ThunderKat:cookie, whats crossroads like? anything like lord?
nullvalue:anyone set up exitilus before? i need help, email me!
bird, skand:513 - The Leechinest Area Code in the US!
spizz:I am a walking hell.
nullvalue:how embarrassing - killed in a forest fight!! :(
SouL:14.4? That really kicks my 300-baud!
Maelstrom:..Damn it feels good to be a gangster...
frendak69:yay jungle! phroega kicks ass :)
Eight - Relive the BBS Past! Telnet Too!
Crackerjak:HOO-Rah! Need I say more?
aka or Bill:None Of The Above
toiletduck,:Typos? No way, my modem is error-correcting!
safesax:.... Death by sushi is respectable!
nullvalue:fish suck! - For your Virtual Sysop 1 fix! g0g0! (spelling fix) Virtual Sysop 1! g0g0!
Thunder For:zebra stardust pencil brick
Justin Thym:Arrr! Curses, matey!
nullvalue:zebra stardust pencil brick wtf??
safesax: banana sushi parrot shark
nullvalue:ooh jiggy jiggy jiggy ooh jiggy jiggy jiggy
nullvalue:gimme that gimme that gimme that food
ThunderKat:???? what are you kids on????
ThunderKat:yum yum , spamburgers :-)
Maelstrom:chicken wing crunchy monkey
ThunderKat:acidlight! you a dj?, you go ta parties? i used to.
ThunderKat:not house parties goofball, raves. i dont go to them
ThunderKat:anymore, but i still listen to a lota house n techno.
Crackerjak:live life or die trying
Altinos:Got to get me a trailer park and hold my world around
hotty13:live life to the fullest!!!
Thunder For:Soon I discovered that this "rock" thing, was true.
bEe:mAn:U kaal dAt a lifE? I gOt mE z1tZ wit M0e sTylE!
Eight - Relive the BBS Past!
JED:dont be a leech!!! u/l something!!!
Xavier:313 313 313 313 313 313 313 313 313 313 313 313
Xavier:Do y think of old times when y see burn-in on ATMs?
The Smog #1:I want to be in the chat log.
Altinos:Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil.
Thunder For:Jesus was an architect previous to his career
Thunder For:as a prophet
Destiny:tactical neural implant really wasn't that good of
Destiny:an album
Chris Mille:"wHEre aRe tHE DOORs gAmEz??!&", he said.
rancor:the RAMANS are coming!
Cthulu:anyone know when the new ACiD pack is coming out?
Holly:Get a taste of religion - Lick a Witch!
nullvalue:sry for the problems in LORD today, i'm working on it
Altinos:All of a sudden I found myself in love with the whirl
Thunder For:So there was only one thing that I could do...
Eight - Relive the BBS Past! Telnet, too!
lord soth:ACiD? Do yourself a favor and get the latest iCE Pac
lord soth:ACiD? Do yourself a favor and get the latest iCE Pack
kodiak:The world will never be free until the last king
kodiak:is strangled in the entrails of the last priest.
kodiak:- Denis Diderot (1713-1784)
Voodoo Knig:BBSes will always remain in our is for me
SouL:Shouldn't that be SYN SYN ACK ACK? ;P
safesax:Damn it feels good to be a gangster....
Longshot! a Sexually Transmitted & Terminal Disease.
Alpha Fight:Reality-o-meter 0[\.....]100 just as I feared
Rask:Want more LORD? Telnet to port 4200
Mushrooms T:How about Usurper? I have reg keys...
Chiquita:Wow, I farted really LOUD!
Chiquita:My ass be stanky!
martiancow:ferrets are great
Cthulu:Anyhow know when the next iCE pack comes out?
dpm:anyone remember RepeatPerformance (DOS)
Cthulu:We hacked %UN's account! His password is %PW!
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past! - telnet too!
Remy Lebeau:I miss Barney Carnage...
Chiquita:Will Seth autograph my right breast??
nullvalue:I've been told he only autographs feet -- ??
Chiquita:Feet? Ok... Although I feel my breasts are less sme
Chiquita:that is "less smelly"
Nuclear:How can I get Elite Access?
Voodoo Knig:Nothing is more beautiful than ANSI ART!!!
Altinos:Someone needs a bath. :)
Toilet Duck:PPL Voting Unix/Linux -- Pull head out of ass! ;-)
CurtisInter:Prepare for another minor slashdotting
nullvalue:dear god, again!? :)
Maximillian:Why? I don't see any mention on /.
nullvalue:The BBS Links Database site is linking to BBSmates
nullvalue:and we got a lot of hits from there yesterday...
Eight -Relive the BBS Past, telnet too!
safesax:Hey there Little Darlin', how YOU doin'?
Mushrooms T:The lag! Ahhh! Can't... play... LORD (fade to black)
Chiquita:Dammit... end...the...lag...!!!! ARrrghghgh!
Chiquita:Lag lag lag ity lagggg laggggggg DAH!
nullvalue:should be all better now :)
Captain Vid:check out wyldeside -> telnet://
Altinos:My spoon is too big.
kram:meow meow meow meow, oh wait, you all aren't cats
Altinos:I want chicken, I want liver...
Joyful Girl:anyone know of any good chat BBSes that are up?
Toilet Duck:Quack Quack!
SouL:I am a banana!
Valiant:This site ROCKS!
Toilet Duck:My spoon is too big!
Eight Ball:Relive the bbs past at
buzzard:teh wins
SouL:LoRD is slower than on a 300-baud right now!
Captain Vid:Play LORD here -> telnet://
Jabberwaki:Doors All Registered!:telnet://
Mizz M:Did you say a *yard* of beer?
Cookie332:One liners are lame. ;)
Valiant:Bobo's BBS has been added :-)
Lord Soth:I miss da BBS
Chiquita:cookie is lame
DeafyDB_256:Hey there, Cookie's *NOT* a lamer lol.
Carnivore:holy crap are the doors slow or what????
Chiquita:Damn, I can't play LORRRDDDD soooo sloww.. impossible
Carnivore:I Am ElItE.. GiV mE wArEz d0oDz....
pmantis:pleeeeeeeeese fix the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.
nullvalue:the doors should be all better now :) sorry!!
Altinos:You know you're right.
Predator:BBSing & LaserTag Perfect Together
Speed Demon:This place brings back alot of memories...
Speed Demon:Bring back the BBS Days Man!
Eight Ball:The BBS Past caught on video!
Lord Doctor:Bring Back Solar Realms Elite! SRE! SRE!!!
Toilet Duck:I think the next Door added should be FOOD FIGHT!!!
Time Warrio:Toilet Duck!!!! It is REALLY you?!?!?!?!?!?!
Chiquita:LAggggg lag lag
Chiquita:Lag lag lag ity lagggg laggggggg DAH!!!
Eight Ball:Happy Holidays everyone! Safe New Year, too!
nullvalue:was downloading something on Kazaa. sorry. ;)
Sparky:Barren Realms Elite & Trade Wars ... Bring 'em Back!
nullvalue:register them for me & i'll set em up here... :)
Joyful Girl:how much does it cost to register a door game?
nullvalue:$10-15, something like that
shiver:We need the Pit, dammit.
pilferer:i want to play cripple smash!
Paladine:I might have a registered version of Trade Wars 2002
Paladine:I used to run it back on my old BBS in 1996
nullvalue:paladine: hook me up
Nicodemus:god.. The pit.. I haven't played that in.. god
Paladine:I'll see if I can find it, do you need it reg'd
Paladine:to you? Cause it was reg'd to me, but I can fix that!
Paladine:You gotta get usurper on here too, that kicks ass!
Eight Ball:ssa bbs - reliving the bbs past -
Heavy Metal:Le Maison De Metal *360-493-0798* Livin' in the past!
jazzmaster:No L.O.R.D.? :0)
Diamond Dav:Telnet BBS List -
Killer Man:yea I liked BRE, that was a good game. :)
Mushrooms T:We tried Usurper earlier but it produced runtime
Mushrooms T:errors under both Win2K and dosemu. Any ideas?
Beef:my bbs THE DRAiN is back online!
Paladine:I agree, Usurper kicks ass.. I can't wait to play it!
Hordsak:Jer! You can telnet to my bbs! I got it up!
Paladine:Sweet! what is it? U got usurper up dude?
terrance:El Vicio
Hordsak:Yes, I have the new version of usurper and it works
Hordsak:Next time your on msn I'll give you the address
eli:Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am eSt telnet://
Mushrooms T:Do you still have my reg keys, nullvalue?
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past - - Telnet too!
nullvalue:MT: probably not
Toilet Duck:I think someone should set up a board with Tele-Arena
Hordsak:Telnet to Dark Castle bbs!
Hordsak:Play Lord and Usurper! Lots of doors! 24/7
Schizoid:Candlelight Online, gone but not forgotton (by me!)
Hordsak:I beg you to call!!
Wyndo:N-E-Ware Door Games:
Moonbeam/Pa:The Cats' Meow BBS - Gone But NEVER Forgotten!
darkman424:Anyone know where I can get the Flowershop door?
darkman424:Not the WG/MBBS one.
James Bond:DoorMUD and LORD, no lag!!!
Wyndo:I never heard of the Flowershop door. Was it a game?
darkman424:nah, util/door You could buy flowers or cards for
darkman424:users, that they would get when they logged on.
Hordsak:call and play usurper!
MoRRiS:Lets reset the Planets game, and get more people!
Lady CatNin:"'Everything's a tagline!' *Pause* 'TAGLINE!'"
Sven:someone help! how do i slay the goblins here?
HardDisk:"This number is not in service" ARRGGGG NOOO!!!
nullvalue:sorry about the downtime.. server's NIC went bad! :(
Eight Ball:The BBS past on VIDEO! Downloadable! -
Lady Essenc:And one time... at Band Camp...
Paladine:hehe I thought that was why it was down!
pouge:All that even after I warned you about it :D
nullvalue:i was gonna install the SP this morning, when i sat
nullvalue:down, router lights were going crazy, no net conn :)
darkman424:The Dark Realm resurrected! telnet://
Hordsak:Usurper big time
Time - Telnet Now!
Scooby:Pouge, you suck! :( heh
PsYcHo KiLL:We're all huge nerds!
pouge:Why do I suck?
Scooby:Cuz you killed me before i could bank my money :) heh
nullvalue:PsYcHo, welcome home. ;)
zephyr:ever get lost in the mAzE on The Wire?
Thrillion:if it ain't broken, break it!
nullvalue:i am the operator of my pocket calculator
Frances Far:We may be all nerds, BUT AT LEAST WE STICK TOGETHER
Hordsak:usurper =>
pouge:RIP Space shuttle Columbia
darkman424:and the 7 crew members
darkman424:The Dark Realm - telnet - 120+games
kc8szu:telnet:// - GAMES GAMES GAMES!!
Ebe:Michio Kaku --
cowgod:cowgod is still aiming at you!
Lady CatNin:"Not bad for an old broad in a used car, huh?" -S.M.
Jack Flash:Jumpin' Jack Flash he's a gas gas gas...
Farmer Bob:ga still can't do ga's right.
pilferer:call the fireside bowl 708-251-5049! 251 megs!
nullvalue:did u get the name from the bowling alley in chicago?
Diane:Come Join Us! info @
Time Warrio:sorry pilferer, i dont have a modem anymore
Tempest:telnet to and come get some :)
Retch The G:Wai! It's a wall! I haven't seen a wall in forever!!
Lady Chaos/:visit
DreamCatche:DreamVision BBS -
Captain Vid:Wyldeside BBS - -> TW MMUD LORD +
darkman424:The Dark Realm - telnet
sinister x:The 0utzone - - Sense WHQ
Snakebyte:Where can I get some BRE & Food Fight?!?!
biotech:looking for some 1 who use to be calld Cuisnart Blade
the Upward > channel #bbs
the Upward /join #bbs
the Upward channel BBS
Captain Vid:check out Wyldeside for Foodfight telnet://wyldeside.
Captain Vid:telnet://
nullvalue:Happy Valentine's Day! ;)
Face:BLackNova Traders ::
The Phantom:telnet:// -The Outer Limits
darkman424:The Dark Realm telnet:// 3 Usurper games!
many differ:The Bell System BBS - ssh l/p: bbs
Hollo:The City Of Angels Will Rise Again!!
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS is back! telnet
Random Tox:ssh/telnet to login: waffle
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past -- SSA BBS --
biotech:any hacking bbs's out there??? email me
biotech:preferably telnet reached 4000 registered members today!
goofball:End of Eternity telnet:// 2 TW2002 Games
Hordsak:Give this bbs a try you seriously won't reget it
Netsurge:Relive the old days. telnet://
James Bond:Worldgroup/MajorBBS telnet://
eli:Null: thats so kewl your site is the best!
eli:§kµ££§ & Çrõ§§ßø¶é§ 9pm-9am eSt telnet://
Ice:Arctic Zone BBS - telnet or http
Zaphod, She:Milliways BBS - telnet:// MUD & More!
The QuestMa:BTROTBBS @ telnet:// -
Marq / Infi:+++ATH0
Hordsak:wicked bbs that's not syncronet!
Hordsak:telnet to
Face:blacknova traders::
Cosmic Cat:long live Trade Wars 2002
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past! Now with Video -
epik:Raleigh BBSers! Yahoo Groups: raleighbbs Join now!
nullvalue:the useful idiot anti-war protesters can kiss my ass!
nullvalue:fuck it, i'm flying the flag here. if anyone has a
nullvalue:problem with that, you can kiss my ass too!
pailhead:any good ANSI groups still around to do some work?
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past! **** ****
Mana - the legend continues!
sloop, X:need free hosting for your bbs? email me.
bugfish:If I add a one liner, how long before it rotates off?
Silky Sayok:Nobody wants to kiss your stinkin' ass. Go anti-war.
Face:Thats pretty hostile nullvalue
Face:going on the defensive when no one would probably say
Face:anything ;)
Face:new music go here:
Joyful Girl:Justin Gross, come find me.
nullvalue:hehe sorry guys,was ticked that morning,better now :)
Captain Vid:Check it out ->
nullvalue:bugfish: about 3 days. ;)
Silky Sayok:That's cool. No hard feelings taken. =)
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past on VIDEO!
Eli:null: Givem hell! lol =-)~ Come play BRE and LORD! - InterBBS & Local Games!
nullvalue:sorry about all the emails :( i goofed something up
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS telnet://
The Cat:Don't forget TCL BBS - telnet://
rancor:are there any active games of Trade Wars going on?
Vanilla Cre:Beward the Modem Police!! (where'd I park that car?) Come play online today!
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past - - telnet, too!
sandman,wea:Nimbus BBS: telnet:\\
pailhead:land'o'lettuce bbb: telnet://
The Cat:Modem Police?!?! EEK! Look out!!
nullvalue:What are they gonna do? Bust me for surfing too fast?
docnak:can i play door games on this site?
nullvalue:yeah, click LORD Game or PLANETS Game for more info
Iron Maiden:Play over 180 games telnet://
xbit:The "X" League 777!
Rainman:Never Never Land bbs ..
Marc:The Jungle annual memday party
Vanilla Cre:drop that mouse... you've been found!
Vanilla Cre:Drop that mouse... you've been found
Vanilla Cre:its Corruptor's fault... he started it
Vanilla Cre:check out tclbbs
E.E. Coyote:Drop your carrier! We have you surrounded!
Mad Cat:Camelot Command ... ... yes were back ...
War Demon:BRE League 000 Resets Today
War Demon:Sysops wishing to join league 000 go to the
War Demon:SMC Computers BBS web site and fill in an application
darkman424:Anyone having problems with * domains?
darkman424:The Dark Realm - Telnet:
Eight Ball:SSA BBS Reunion-6/21/03-For More info
War Demon:BRE Leagues 069 & 169 Reset on 1st June 2003
The Cat:TCL BBS Online: w/LORD telnet://
Rainman:Never Never Land ..
Oberon:Help playtest a new door!
The Cat:TCL BBS Online: LORD and Usurper telnet://
BigMouth:Disconnected by your smile
Valiant:BBS Mates is the best!
Doogie Hows:
Sir Action:Just soy no!
Captain Qui:Connect with TBBS support!! TBBS.ORG is on line!
supercat:Why a duck?
Eli:§kµ££§ & Çrõ§§ßø¶é§ 9pm-9am eSt
Schizoid:THe secret to life is th**&^(gmkfs +++ NO CARRIER
brim:Man, you have to vote for RIP script terminals!
nullvalue:Ahh.. The joys of running your web server from home..
Dark:Sorry, no matching records. >:(
Eight Ball:Video of old BBS Users online?
Strafe - Wa:Cows go Mooooooo!
xbit:Worlds Largest BRE/FE Game! Never Never Land bbs.
Grey Slayer:Remember when 1200bps was fast?
Rainman:remember dialig a number then pushing a talk button
shadowmount:It is most definately NOT a yak.
Rainman:placing the phone set on a coupler?!
timmee:dogs go woff woff
Bluebeard:Bluebeard still runs a BBS: telnet://
nullvalue:damn power outage, sorry for the downtime. :(
Eli:Skulls & Crossbones - - WWiV 5.0
nullvalue:Today is's 1-year anniversary! yippie!
Studmuffin :What ever happened to good ole YModem-K ????
Eli:Kewl null congrats
Maddog:I hated line noise.
Blackheart,:14.4 was considered FAST Never Never Land .. Just do it!
The Tick:wow, i miss my bbs buddies
Rigoletto:I keep plugging the website for ya NullValue...
sinister x:Where's the 8i7 luv peeps? (:
nandor:wow - great board - no one on tho sad sad :-[
Oberon:New trivia door released!
Trouble:This was our life? :)
The Total P:I once sold a 2400 modem that was hit by lightning...
Turquoise J:We once gave TTP his own keyboard back as a replcmnt.
Eddie Vedde:i miss '95 when people actually USED BBS's
Black Phant:Window of Iluusion BBS (CNet 5) telnet://
Rainman:Never Never Land .. Check it out
Jokester:Where are the 312/773 peeps? :-)
bombarta:any 519ers here?
caramon:Yes, Trouble. This was our life. :P
Eli:Skulls & Crossbones telnet://
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Ass-BackwardsBBS
Johann Wahn:-=< Mental Meltdown BBS - >=-
The Master :Telnet:// - The Dungeon
Marc:I donated some cash, what about you!
Toilet Duck:I donated $10! You guys get on your horse and donate!
Goose:yeah, but you're a toilet duck
Flo:C'mon support our 80's lifestyle, DONATE!!!
Eli:BBS Chat - #bbs
The_Vipah:telnet:// The Valley II Kelowna BC
Buck:Tele-arena, Majormud, Free? Telnet
Green Man:Call back later when you are there.
PiLFER:Re-bang TW with 5000 sectors
Rug Rat:telnet://
infinet, na:worldgroup rules!
Rigoletto:Another $10 for the cause! Looking for SoC games.
Green Man:,,11,11 Sea of Green ,,11,11
Oberon:32bit multinode doors for sysops!
toolman:telnet:// Planets:TEOS&Lord&more
Iron Maiden:telnet:// 250+ registered doors
Evade:Adept BBS-One of the original boards 4 SoC & MajorMUD
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS telnet://
Oberon:DoorMUD v0.99 released today!
Megabyte:I'd kill for the source code to Infinity Complex
Tuneman:Hey Check Out My New BBS telnet://Tuneman.bbs.US
enigma:the ozone bbs! - home of mtelnet!
Eli:Skulls & Crossbones - telnet://
Hormone: - Tradewars 2002, scripts
toolman:The Computer
headgap: - 17 years online
omega:any bbs's in the Monterey Calif area ?
Krazy Axe:OutHouse BBS ( - Chaos HQ, Game Devel
nette:HI Nette was here!!
Exide:Worlds Best Macro: sn^Mpinch ex^M
Raxus:Worlds 2nd Best Macro: sea^Msea^Ma ex^M
nullvalue:My favorite: ATTENTION EVERYONE! %U'S PASSWORD IS %P!
fin:hydrochronicBBS - telnet://
Sy Snootles:The Penalty Box (TONS OF GAMES)
Sy Snootles:We especially need Usurper players.
Jamie:Lots of Games and telnet
Iron Maiden:250+ Registerd Games: telnet://
silly:There once was a man from Nantucket. . . .
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS CNet 5 telnet://
Valiant:insert lame bbs add here
Megabyte:WOOF WOOF! That's my other dog impression.
nullvalue:99 bottles of beer on the wall...
James Bond:RetroBBS -
Cubfan:Hi, Worthers!
Jamie:We now offers Prizes to win :) 0wn5 BRE
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS CNet 5 telnet://
Iron Maiden:250+ Registered Doors - telnet://
Felicity, M:Build a little birdhouse in your soul!
Maddog:I'm not a girl, I just play one on tv.
James Bond:What was the Nest BBS telnet://
Jamie:Tradewars 2002 game just started at Sea Breeze Gaming
Jamie:Unlimite Turns, telnet://
Kaboom:Add your BBS to
Kaboom:The hobby, that started it all... BBSing
darkrunner/:I hope that's shepherd's pie in my knickers....
Felicity, M:Wait I think you're the Slowdive guy right?
darkrunner/:yesm.. I'm a little glowing friend
Iron Maiden:250+ Registered Doors telnet://
Iron Maiden:Lot's of info for BBS -
Felicity, M:Konnichiwa!
Iron Maiden:Try these Doors
Black Phant:Window of Illusion
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Netowkr has SOC and Mutants
Jamie:telnet to sea breeze
Ping:I love Cittadella BBS!
sid6.7:wow i thought all this stuff was dead...
The Cat:Telnet to and meet some old friends!
Phil Harmon:Anyone remember Starfleet Headquarters?
Eight - RELIVE THE BBS PAST! ON VIDEO TOO! [Tradewars in php!]
Jamie:Sea Breeze is running a tournament in SOC check
Nomad:TransAmiga BBS software ruled! :-)
Space Knigh:Amiga-Z BBS is coming back!! Running CNet 5!
Iron Maiden:250 Registered games - telnet://
Eli:§kµ££§ & Çrõ§§ßø¶é§ - telnet://
Kaboom:Check out Legend of the Green Dragon on
Kaboom:It's a take off of LORD, Add your bbs to Telnet List!
Premier, El:TW2002!!!
Space Knigh:telnet://
Dragon:Ambroshia 3.0 Alpha has been released! New DOOR GAME!
Aragorn III:Remember the Broke Blade: ai na vedui!
Scooby Doo:Any MBBS's out there with FlashGame teleconference?
darkrunner/:noogie nubs, crushed Cheese Nips & Dr. Thunder
our frank:so I says to Mabel, I says..hey-shattap ya crazy dame
nullvalue:It sucks I still think Mable - she's the bomb
Eight Ball:Relive the BBS Past - http:\\
Eli:WWIV Support Community -
Eli:i love the new menus null thats just slick =-)~
Iron Maiden:250+ online doors telnet://
Spitfire:Classic Amiga CNet BBS: telnet://
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS CNet 5! telnet://
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Network is your place to Win
Jamie:Software and much more
darkrunner/:ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI
Iceman:Entropy just isn't what it used to be.
tundAR:TundAR is bacK!
Jokester:XpresitNet is on its way back !!!
Brian Woode:New Usurper Game at telnet://
Deloth:New Usurper Game at telnet://
Space Knigh:Amiga-Z BBS: telnet://
Firefox:WWIV rules! Go Wayne Bell!!!
Iron Maiden:250+ registered games telnet://
Zeus:Join in: New OO2 game! telnet://
Black Phant:XpresitNet sucks big donkey dick
Delmoko:we need THE PIT, its 100X better than Tradewars!!!
Delmoko:THE PIT
Delmoko:The PIT is the greatest door game ever!!!!!
Delmoko:does anybody out there remember the pit?!?!?!
Delmoko:The Pit V 4.17 should be on here!!!!
Delmoko:WE WANT THE PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delmoko:Does anybody know of a BBS that has the PIT?!?!?!
Delmoko:I know at least 10 people who would play the pIT!!!
the scaveng:obsessive much?
Dasme:The Outworld BBS telnet://
Dasme:Lots of Doors, message Nets and Files! Check us out!
Delmoko:How do I get on BBS's? What do i have to do?
Delmoko:Does Outworld BBS have the PIT?!?!?!
Dasme:Tryign to get the pit installed. Check in a few days
Dasme:If you need instructions visit:
Flitter:All the "nodes" are busy...
Flitter:And Im stuck in open space dangitgazzams!!!
Flitter:I Still luv this place though...
Iron Maiden:250+ online games @ telnet://
Delmoko:let me know when you get THE PIT
Delmoko:you'll have about 10 new users when you get PIT!!!
Delmoko:seriously 'der, where is the PIT?
Delmoko:THE PIT is best door game ever 'der
Delmoko:LORD is good, but PIT is MUCH BETTER!!!!
dfasf:Welcome to FoxDog.Net--
Dasme:telnet:// - Added TopCop, Planets
Beck Hansen:We need some Telearena up in here.
Tuneman:does anyone know what happend to T&j Software pleas
Tuneman:please contact me at
Tuneman:or even if you ahve a code for one cuz i am guessing
Tuneman:its abandonware
Ezra Moonbe:I sling poo.
Delmoko:Anybody know of a BBS that has the PIT?
Justin Thym:Don't eat tofurkey! It's not real!
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Network - 24/7 Lots of Games onlinw
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Network - 24/7 Lots of Games online
dfasf:Welcome to FoxDog.Net-
Joe Klemmer:I still miss the days of the dial-up BBS...
Delmoko:still no PIT, UH HUH!!!!!!
Eli:Skulls & Crossbones telnet://
The Cat:I think I have a copy - if I do, I'll post about it.
Sakio:hey, what does BBS stand for? yea, i'm a newbie...
Maddog, Tai:Bulliten Board System...Ruggie....
Sakio:i'm confuzed..
the guildma:tagline - I don't need no stinking tagline.
sloop, X:free webhosting for your bbs.
Jamie:Sea Breeze
Jamie:play over 50 games including The Pit! Usurper
Dragon:The Dungeon BBS - telnet://
Redman:Never trust a girl with green eyes.
Steve Winn:AT2k Design BBS - telnet://
Johann Wahn:Mental Meltdown! BBS -
Iron Maiden:250+ Registered Game telnet://
Tetsuo:I'm not the best, but I'm the top two...
Jiffy:and my father's gettin old
Fencepost, :One at a times, and one of a kinds, you all the same.
Jamie:Contest in games just started win a prize :)
Jamie:Sea Breeze GN
Chachi:telnet:// - The Time Trap BBS
Dasme:telnet:// - Running league 777 BRE!
Joyful Girl:telnet:// - GAMES & CHAT based in NJ
Eli:oh a girl advertising a bbs thats a sight to behold!
Oberon:Vote DoorMUD: only MODERN/supported door on list:)
Dragon:Dungeon BBS - TW GOLD, BRE Leagues!
Felicity, M:BBS Decline=Great Sorrow
Black Phant:Window of Illusion address changed!
Fencepost, :Get the cool shoeshine
Jamie:telnet:// games games chat
Jamie:usurper, bre, tradewars, doormud, the pit, lord 1 & 2
darkrunner/:keep our local forums and user connection alive
darkrunner/:and now on to something clever...
Phreak Brot:Another Brick in "The Wall"
Iron Maiden:250+ Regsitered Doors telnet://
Iron - Preserving a part of BBS History
fan:Line Noise BBS - telnet://
Chachi:ODDware New BBS Doors-
Lady CatNin:Peanut Butter is Good for You.
Chachi:The Time Trap telnet://
Jamie:telnet:// Mutants, tradewars
Iron Maiden:JNS Software doors now at <-Join Now
Fencepost, :Y'all know the name
Manager:518 chat
tracker1:boo! heads up from ... :)
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Network add ambroshia Registered
skatter:telnet:// - Best ANSI on the Inet.
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Network has Usurper Classic and NEW
Jamie:Telnet:// over 89 Games
Iron Maiden:more online games for your bbs -
The Rat:...goodbye mailbox.
Iron Maiden:Doors Galore telent://
Jamie:New Years Eve Sea Breeze Gaming Network is givin
Jamie:8 prizes between 8-midnight est so log on and play
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS telnet://
Jamie:telnet:// Mutants Usurper
nullvalue:Check out the new BBSmates IRC Chat Server!
Space Knigh:Amiga-Z BBS telnet://
venus:Can we have IMPERIUM GAME please???? see vote msg
Iron Maiden:JNS Software @
Jamie:Telnet:// We just Added:
Jamie:Ultimate Universe and King's Crown to our lineup
Chachi:ODDWare Door Games
Chachi:The Time Trap BBS telnet://
Cubfan:Pass the word about BBSmates! Help it grow.
General Zod:Zodd's Revenge!
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Network now has over 100 games
Jamie:telnet:// usurper, mutants
Iron Maiden:Telnet:// 250+ doors
Iron - register your online doors
darkrunner/:slicin up eyeballs
Space Knigh:telnet:// - It'a Amiga Baby!
tundra:telnet:// 12 door games
Fencepost, :You ain't seen nothin yet... you had it coming to you
Dasme:telnet:// - Games, messages, FUN
Hint:Heck! Anudder BBS -
Chachi:ODDware New BBS Doors
kM:Looking for SRE players @
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS telnet://
nullvalue:Check out the first Door Kit for Visual Basic!
Jamie:Sea Breeze has over 100 Games like Usurper, Mutants
Eli:Skulls & Ctossbones - telnet://
Iron you won't find more games
Iron - now registration site for CorpSoft - TAG RPGs
Biohazard:Running Synchronet? Looking for a very powerful news
Biohazard:program? Give Bio-News a try! For more info on this
Biohazard:product and other Bio-Ware products, visit ...
Biohazard:Or telnet to Biohazardous Material (
Kaboom:Remember Lord from the hobby of BBSing? Check out the
Kaboom:the latest! Funeral Quest on Win $'s!!!!
annie,grace:mmud isn't just for breakfast anymore!:)
RaD Man:The new ACiD pack is out. Download it from...
RaD Man:ACiD-100 HERE:
The Slipped:iCE rules ACiD sucks
Black Phant: WoI Web Site!
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Work is Growing we haved over 100
Jamie:Games with tons of new users everyday so give us a
Jamie:try today at telnet://
Eli:Warlock Ansi - Got Ansi?
Smoke,Blade:Remember the quotes? :)
kM:Need INTER-BRE/SRE players @
Valiant:automate the blog feature, I crave instant gratificat
Iron Maiden:More games than you could ever play in a lifetime...
Iron Maiden:waiting for you at: telnet://
Iron Maiden:online since 02/15/80 - all games are registered
Iron Maiden:Need to register a game for your BBS ???
Iron Maiden:Can't find the programmer ???
Iron Maiden:Drop by and see if we have it, or
Iron Maiden:send a request to:
Iron Maiden:we may be able to find that programmer for you
Iron Maiden:I know, you'll hate me for using the oneliner space
Iron Maiden:but I had to do it just once :)
Chachi: -- New Lord IGM's
rixter:lots of fun files
Eight - DVD Sets coming Summer 2004!
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS has internet email now! =)
Fencepost, :see me!
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Network of 100 games to play
Jamie:our web site at
Eli:Need Ansi?? -
Marty Blank:telnet:// lot's of doors.
Dasme:The Outworld BBS - telnet://
Iron Maiden:telnet:// : online since 02/15/80 - web and telnet
Space Knigh:Amiga-Z BBS - Running Amiga's CNet Pro. Look us up!
Eight Ball:SSA BBS * Relive the BBS Past!
Iron Maiden:Check out the new look at
Fencepost, :what's up with that? Why can't I view the mainpage
Fencepost, :mer
Space Knigh:Amiga-Z BBS is now running Hack & Slash!
crgagner:TACBBS The American Connection telnet://
Black Phant:Amiga-Z BBS Rules! telnet://
Eli:want free doors? try
Face:noone on the irc anymore? #bbsmates
Face:bbs irc dead?
Jamie:Sea Breeze Gaming Network has added another Game
Jamie:We now have
Kaboom:BBSmates rulz, thanks Null! Kewl to connect way back!
Hordsak:DC Back Up!
jesse linco:iN meMoRy Of JaY MiNeR, fAtheR of tHe AMiGA. We MiSs
CoCo_Kid:The Green Screen here reminds me of the old CoCo Day - Short Circuit. Work in Progres
Chachi:Food Fight 2k4 2.0
Natureboy:Clockwork Orange was the best! 310 area
Natureboy:I am also Apachewarrior, Vigilante. 310 area
Black Phant:Register for Window of Illusion BBS here @ BBAMATES!!
nullvalue:For IRC, connect to #bbsmates
nullvalue:or use the web IRC client, on the Site Features menu
nullvalue:THE PIT is finally here! :)
xbit:sysops :) join BRE-777!
Odessyus:Lord2! Lord2! :P
Dasme:The Outworld bbs! telnet://
Jamie:Sea Breeze GN has add Majormud, 2 game of tradewars
Jamie:with 20000 sectors telnet://
Master of D:OneLiners! Oh how i miss those!
Master of D:Even cuts off my name just like the ReneGade Version!
Khanhdom?:A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.
Ibanez:The Bit Bucket BBS! telnet://
Exciter:JumpStart BBS, telnet://
Rage:Foul Little Monkeys!
The Bear:If we only knew that BBSing was a time of pioneers!
Tuneman:anyone know what happend to Tractor Pull Nationals
Tuneman:Lemonaid Stand and other T&J software?
Tuneman:if its abandoned i want it!
nullvalue:Tuneman, check out !! :)
Bugz Bunny:Shouting from Halifax,NS. Any past HFX BBSers here?
Mariner:You all suck moose c0cks! Muahhaa!
fewtch, fut:Where is everybody, not enough chatting here ;)
qantas:hello is my 1st time here
Lady CatNin:Chicagoans interested in Reunion? Go to 312 Forum!
nullvalue:I'll go!
Eli:free software? Oddware
sabotage:Reg'd n highly active Hack n' Slash -
qantas:Eli webpage An error has occurred:404 - Not Found
Jamie:Sea Breeze gaming network Do get left behind
Jamie:our majormud is filling
Hint:telnet to Heck! Anudder BBS - fairly new board
xbit:it would sure be cool if BBSMates joined BRE-777 ;)
Space Knigh:Play your favorite Infocom Text games @ Amiga-Z BBS!
qwerty4000:Global War rulez
BIG MAC:are you there?
Time Warrio:Chicagoland BBS Reunion in the works! See forum 312!
sabotage:Looking for reg'd Hack n Slash 2.2? -
Fencepost:1:23 3-18>>>Mac... Y!M = dj_m_a_d
Black Phant:Window of Illusion BBS TELNET://WOIBBS.DYNDNS.ORG
Black Phant:WoI BBS
Black Phant:Amiga-Z
Black Phant:Cerebral
BIG MAC:Hello?
Jamie:Sea Breeze GN telnet://
LadyBeBad:smile smile smile
Laurie:any there?
Immortal:Lightning BBS --- telnet://
darkbitch, :actions speak ...
darkrunner/:He wouldn't let me type this. sick 'em Oprah
BIG MAC:WAIT!! Sushi Bar... Is Elliot Here?????????
ELfBoy:Anybody know where to find Tao Ge, coder of Exitilus?
nullvalue:Hey, when you find him, let me and the other 1000
nullvalue:people looking know about it! :)
ELfBoy: Will do. Just nostalging about the Brief
ELfBoy:History of Exitilus that I wrote for it. MAN, that
ELfBoy:was a long time ago!
Iron Maiden:Tao sold Exitilus to ECI Software long ago
Decker-X:UnderWorld Network Hawaii still rocks!
Decker-X:press ALT-CTRL-DELETE to continue
Fencepost:i thought it was alt-f4
Iron Maiden:over 300+ doors: telnet://
Iron Maiden:Need a door for your BBS:
Black Phant:Keyboard not found: Press F10 to continue.
Mcooper:I'd press F10, but can't find my mouse!
Black Phant:indeed
Dubie:Who stole my dubes?!
Fencepost:gosh darn /\/\ /-\ />_ | |_| /-\ /\/ /-\
MobbyG:Is the Hokey Pokey really what it's all about?!
darkrunner/:for the love of GOD, let the boy be your dog.
Hint:Come to Heck@ Anudder BBS
Black Phant:NO! A box of chocolate is what it's all about! WoI =D
Tweetie Pie:A Unicorn in pyjammas???? How bizarre! *8>
BIG MAC:Reg, Are you online?
Doc Phoenix:We now return you to our regularly schedualed flame..
sam brown:emulex ownz j00
DaZZaBoY:Hi all. Visit for issue#1
Fencepost:[[_)) _]] //\\//\\*//-\\*[[_))*
Cpt. Oatmea:Roast Beef
tallship:Everyone looks like a nail - I'm holding a hammer!
tallship:So foul a sky clears not without a storm -Shakespeare
Sun Kissed:BBS geeks don't die they just moved onto IRC. LOL
Mcooper:True!,but hair seems to lose color!
unsure:Godzilla kick's bus!
shadowmount:My boss's sister in law was my friend on MBBS?!?!?
Artemis, He:None of this is real - the sysop made us all up
DaZZaBoY:Anybody still strictly Amiga based in here?
Fencepost:I miss my 1040ST
xbit:AMB v4 is out ->
Coffee:The Coffee Break BBS... The Ultimate Caffeine BUZZ!
Iron Maiden:Space Quest 2112 telnet://
Liquid/X:i miss one liners!!!
Eight Ball:SSABBS - Relive the BBS Past!
Woodland Cr:WA WAH HOO!!!
starwyn:Used to run Gates Of Delirium! Gar email me!!
TBIRD:Come visit TBird's today.. telnet://
Tommy:Rancho Nevada adult door has been patched
Black Phant:Todd Knight and Ray Akey need to be shot in the head!
Highwayman:Your Nightmare has come true. ]-[ighwayman is back (6
Photon, Liq:Well...gasp and a half!
Black Phant:Garage Sale 24th&25th info @
number six:We're still alive!!
Leenie:shards of ice glimmer sharply
BIG MAC:Reg, I paged you the other Day, you never called Back
Fencepost:Sorry bro.. I flaked. Page me again DADDYMAC
Fencepost:() \/\/ /\/ [- [_)
Fencepost:Spent 15 years getting loaded till his liver exploded
nullvalue:I ain't part of no consipiricy, i'm just your avg joe
Hint:Heck! Anudder BBS - telnet://
Photon, Liq:These are not the 'droids you're looking for
MobbyG:These aren't the droids we're looking for...
Fencepost:Just pull out the 9, pop in the clip and let one slip
Eli:S&c is BACK online call NOW telnet://
Black Phant:I am the consipiricy!
Mishka:Goin' up to heaven with the sound of carrier tones
Lost:Look for High Society coming soon South Florida!
Fencepost:Don't tell me I missed CHUNKERPALOOZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DOC:Fidonet & Rime Doc's Place BBS
Black Phant:WoI gear now online!
Aaron Campb:I miss getting banned for offensive CC's
ACTION:Who's been doing it in theBUTT?
Tommy: rancho nevada door
Fencepost:.oO //\\//\\//-\\||>,][_]][[_]]//-\\//\\////-\\ Oo.
GSGold:Do not remove under penalty of law.
Joseph Coll:Mmm. . . Soaking up the rays of the past. Woo.
Black Phant:When I grow up I wana be like Nullvalue =)
Johann - Let Insanity Flow Freely!
Genocider:Congratulations for your work! very appreciated
Eli:need ansi?
blream@voya:ExE Owns 1991 Beeeyotch
nullvalue:take away, take away, take away this ball and chain..
MobbyG:Amiga-Z BBS: - Unga Bunga Baby!
Black Phant:WoI BBS
Black Phant:jolly good, tut tut & all that fish & chip ol' chap!
CarolineMar:what would Ray do?
Kaboom:Never Tried Seth's Latest Game? New Game Started on, Funeral Quest! He was the author of LORD!
Kaboom:Check it out, fun game! Soon a contest will be going!
Nobody:Nobody's perfect.
Black Phant:_/\!/\_ <-- what is it?
Meris:Guy with one nut!
Mcooper:A cola nut or a Un-Cola nut?
Black Phant:Sorry I asked...
MobbyG:Top down view of a trans-gender person...
Manager:518CHAT.BBS TELNET://
Blacklord:Landover Amiga BBS -
Meris:Cool Chick and Coach are not my parents!
Powerslave:Remember those BBS parties? Did you ever go to one?
Meris:Too many GTs....
Nobody:Nobody cares.
Mcooper:or loves me, I guess I'll go eat worms....
MobbyG:Take our gaming survey! @
Dreamer/Fae:We have become the people our parents warned us about
TBIRD:Come fly around with us at telnet:// <> Just because we can
Black <--Window of Illusion's new address =)
Manager:518BBS @ TELNET:// OR 518-877-6289 hot!
Fencepost:Jenny, I'm still that little raver kid...
HardDrive:WWIV.... Nope, it's not a true BBS!!
Eli:wwiv is the only true bbs the rest are clones & hacks
Eli:Check one out telnet://
Thorny:50 users per day: telnet://
Tommy:What do you allege I have clone/hacked from WWIV Eli?
Dustin Picc:try -- thank you. ;)
Dustin:Proboard pwns.
Tuneman:Tuneman BBS - NOW with TWGOLD!
Manager:518BBS AT TELNET://, DAILUP:518.877.6289
crash overr:The Moral Kiosk: telnet://
Heavy Metal:Le Maison De Metal BBS...DIALUP: 360.493.0798
Black Phant:Synchronet boards are pussy ANSI boards.
Time Warrio:We'd like to see you do better BP...
Time Warrio:But we know you can't so disregard ;-)
Basehead: <> Because Im tried of an empty BBS
Black Phant:Have done better, don't see Synchronet BBS in top 10.
queue:HeY DooD, got any WaReZ or ElItE filez??
Time Warrio:BP: Depends on who you are, and who you ask
Time Warrio:BP: Not all Synchrhonet sysops lack creativity
Time Warrio:BP: My board, one of many, is far from default
Manager:TELNET:// OR 518.877.6289 DAIL-UP! 518bbs
HardDrive:What is the debate here? Synch=BBS domain for 6.95 + hosting\
Black Phant:I just synched myself in 0.183 secs!!
Dragon:The Dungeon BBS telnet:// Come Play!
Fencepost:what is this,
Fencepost:get your spam out of my one liners you freaks
Black Phant:yeah I know rite?
nullvalue:hmmm.. not a bad idea.. LOL
Vegas:What? No S&H Green Stamps with my purchase!?
Manager:TELNET:// also
Manager:hmmm.. a bad idea yes. *hOle* !!
Vegas:Hey, how much did you pay for those shoes??
Fencepost:fuggin chunkers
bOnZaI DuCk:gosh darn /\/\ /-\ />_ | |_| /-\ /\/ /-\...
Black Phant:versatunatwo wonenthirteefoaye... everyone chant now!
bOnZaI DuCk:dude... where are we, middle earth?
bOnZaI DuCk:it puts the lotion in the basket
Vegas:Where oh where are you tonight? Why did you leave me
Vegas:here all alone? I searched the world over & I thought
Vegas:I found true love, you met another and
Vegas:PHT you were gone!!! Hee Haw!!
Manager:TELNET:// Vizit Us Today...
Time Warrio:TELNET:// how about a url thats EZ 2 remeber? :-)
Time to obtain you free url :-)
Time is an available hostname there
Time Warrio:choose that one cuz it sounds cool ;-)
Manager:TELNET:// (now the url)
Manager:518BBS ALSO HAS DAIL-UP ACCESS AT 518-877.6289 57.6K
Kc8ryg:Hamshack BBS: <> Someplace else to kill!
bOnZaI DuCk:I miss my 1040ST...
RaD Man: <-- ahhhhh <-- BRE, League 777 and Fido!
Time Warrio:Manager, you are a gentleman and a schollar :-)
Time available at
Time Warrio:Its free and if you already have a domain still free!
Time is da shiznitz!
Time Warrio:TELNET:// (manager's BBS)
Armand, Jim:Mutants! only one live game on the whole 'net =( <> No questions asked
kM:that'a PDA in yer pocket or R u just happy to C me
tracker1:telnet:// <-- kickass bbs.
Xabbu:telnet:// <-- Online Game Portal
jas hud:my bbs is the greatest and you all are NOT invited!
jas hud:just kidding, my bbs has been down for years!
jas hud:cries
Clu:D/FW (Texas) BBS List..
Manager:TELNET://518BBS.KICKS-ASS.NET (nyiradio coming soon)
MobbyG:Amiga-Z BBS Has a new addy! Telnet:// <> Come run a whorehouse
Exciter:telnet:// for lots of Global War!!!
Cosmo Comma: <-- Home of two BBS's
MailMam, Pa:Infinity Complex anyone???
Vegas:What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?
Scott:Gaming system!
Xabbu:telnet:// <-- New TradeWars 2002 Gold game!
Joseph Coll:I think I know why this place doesn't have The Pit.
Joseph Coll:It's terribly hard to find a registered copy. . .
Kaboom:Funeral Quest 45 Day Tournament Test Run! Off New
Kaboom:Server Starts today, Join In, Contest Game Soon!
Kaboom:Who has Infinity Complex, port to the web?
Beltira:Hey - I'm looking for an old BBS door -- Eidelon
Beltira:Any idea where I might find it?
Kaboom:MIght help if I said where the Funeral Quest Game was, (okay) that might (g) Have Fun...
Kaboom:Eidelon ask Doug at tell Kaboom sent you
toolman:The Computer Connection BBS telnet in today, and stay awhile
jas hud:death to all infidels! YAYAYAAAYAAYAYAAYYYYAY!!
Silas:I am still doing the band shit
bOnZaI DuCk:Y'all know the name...
Chastity:Wow, we're all really dating ourselves, aren't we?
KAINE:Play TDZK, based off TW2002! www.TDZK.NET
KAINE:BBSers who play TDZK, choose alliances
MollyHell:What BBS has KYRANDIA on it? <> Play the games you remember
bOnZaI DuCk:4Next GT... the board that made me a pervert
Dark Soul..:InterBBS BRE telnet://
jas hud:death to all infidels! and barak! YAAYAAAAAAYAYA!!
MollyHell:Why does this site keep going down?
xev:it likes you
LiLKeL:Wholly cow I use to LoveOnTheHOrizon
nullvalue:i have to reload the OS on this server sooooooooon :(
Cyberpunk:Time to upgrade the 386 and OS/2
MollyHell:yeah dood comeon you're giving BBSes a bad name,
MollyHell:they will start to think BBSes used to go DOWN ;) heh
xev:they never evah crash
SwitchBlade:WOW time for a serious UPGRADE!!
valjean:this is a funny remark
Cyberpunk:this is a funny kramer
MollyHell:Val is the Master
kram:telnet:// <> Play the doors you remember
Jadius Juni:"I ate WHAT?!"
Rage:What? A BBS Crash? Never!
MollyHell:Okay whys the main page up but not the rest?
MollyHell:If I donate a dollar will that help? ;)
Cyberpunk:Keep the dollar and upgrade your 8088 and 1200 baud
MollyHell:I'll NEVER upgrade past 2400 Baud, you friggin'
MollyHell:whippersnapper! 2400 Baud was good enough for Lincoln
Uffe:Any 24h modem line boot service around? :)
jas hud:i remember when i was a young infidel with 300 baud!
Ron De Vous:I got you beat .. I've still got my 120baud acoutic
MollyHell:hell I beat you all, I remember 1 baud.
Hondo, Hond:random funny comment
Hondo, Hond:you're 1 baudy gal, Molly
MollyHell:two watermelonsfull of fun.
Hondo, Hond:oh yeah, friggin cantalopes there...
Crazy Music:You can have my teletype when you pry it from my hand
MollyHell:HA whippersnapper smoke signals were good enuff
MollyHell:for Grandpappy and they're good enuff for me!
Cyberpunk:The page cannot be found
Wendoll:Clinton-I did not have sexual relations with a paddle
kram:telnet:// <> Because the voices said to
Michalynn:kbbsers are taking this thing over!
Chachi:telnet:// <> Many Interbbs Doors
Taffi:Where's our sysop??
Chastity:You notice how manyy KBBSers there are here? LOL
EvilRapture:Ask me about Bob
Whammer Jam:Ask me about Amway (no please don't)
Cyberpunk:Well at least the oneliners work.
MollyHell:Ask me random funny question
Cyberpunk:Whats your favorite color Jello?
Apple:I've lost control, but then again did I ever have it?
JanaMDoll:Favorite color Jello - green of course
Hondo, Hond:kkkrist...this is like the old days - always crashing
Hondo, Hond:sorry, Dale
Cyberpunk:KBBS crashed, but never this often.
Ron De Vous:Just got back from D'land !! VEGAS anyone? : )
kram:Telnet to my bbs darn it! or Ill cry!
nullvalue:kram: you know they have therapy for that, right? :)
Samantha :KBBS is back??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xev:kbbs never crashed.. that was a feature
MollyHell:Kram, I telnetted to your BBS once. Don't cry.
kram:MollyHell: Once?!? Noooooooooo come back!
MollyHell:I did. And? Where's my prize! :)
Lea:OMG!! The door to the time warp has opened!!!!
Dice:Anybody have Ivory Modz?
MollyHell:I have Ivory Nadz.....
Samantha :La La Lea!
MollyHell:WHY does this site go down every day? Really????
kram:Windows software is why this site goes down
kram:So call my bbs, its almost always UP, like me
kram:telnet:// <> Because KRAM SAID!
MollyHell:Hahaha Kram's BBS has games with hookers in them. :)
Cyberpunk:Your always up? Eww, lay off the Viagra
nullvalue:boo hoo.. my poor little server :( it needs lovin too
MollyHell:NO ONE loves your server. It doesn't serve.
Cyberpunk:A $10 hooker serves better (but thanks without this..
Cyberpunk:I wouldnt have found the dorks that corrupted me.)
Whammer Jam:Give a server some lovin' -> catch a computer virus
Samantha :hey Whammy! How ya doing friend??!!!
Whammer Jam:I was doing ok, but now I'm trapped in OneLiners!
Samantha :Me too! I can't get to the kbbs forums!
kram:telnet:// <> Come get a cheap lay!
Kaboom:Oct 1, 2004 LOOK for the Largest Funeral Quest Game
Kaboom:on the WEB, where else
Hondo, Hond:does this f'in thing ever work?
Hondo:hi Sam, you freek...rock...where is Seattle Slew???
Manager:Inet phreshezz Radio Coming Soon @ NyiRadIo.CoM
Samantha :rock rock rock rock seattle slew was cool man
Samantha :Hondo, Why cant I get to the forums dammit!??
Hondo:cuz Dale left the damn modemn unplugged!
Hondo:I like how I spelled "modemn" spelling
Samantha :Modemn
MollyHell:BBSMates - Dialing Up The Past... Except on weekends,
MollyHell:or evenings, or middays, when we are CRASHED.
jas hud:hey, everything needs sleep, dude. everything.
jas hud:when you cant get on, just browse your personal
jas hud:anime porn stash, molly. i know you have it!
Black Phant:Don't beat null up he does a good job here! >=D
MollyHell:ugh I hate anime, and if I need to see boobs I look
MollyHell:in the mirror!
kram:mmm boobs
Black Phant:Wana look in my mirror?
MollyHell:Will I see your boobs?
Black Phant:Ummm, no I would see yours? SHUT UP THAT'S WHY!
Chachi:telnet:// 3 Tradewars Games Rebangd
Chachi:also Many Interbbs Games
Whammer Jam:my mirror must be defective. I see no boobs there
Toilet Duck:telnet:// -- Tele-Arena, MMud, LORD
Samantha :(.)(.) - the WORLDS FIRST real time BBS.
Rainman:Never Never Land back online. - the worlds first real time bbs list.
Whammer Jam:Nice boobs Samantha!
Whammer Jam:(*)(*) <- Janet Jackson's boobs <> Find out all there is to know
Samantha :haha Whammy. Dat's funny!
Shadez:Howdy, KINfolks! :)
Shadez:Sammy! :)
Samantha :Lavar!!!! Hi HI HI!
Samantha :Shadez! my favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show
Samantha :dude! great to see you here!!
darkrunner/:I may not have a fancy black robe and a hammer like
darkrunner/:snooty, but I have slippers and an oatmeal spoon.
Shadez:Sammy! Good to see you, too! Say "HI!" to Lea!! :)
Samantha :I am having dinner w/ Lea thurs pm. I WILL tell her!
Whammer Jam:Don't say hi to Lea from me...but save me leftovers
Toilet Duck:telnet:// -- Tele-Arena, MMud, TW2002!!
kram:My board is back up, and should be stable again...
kram:telnet:// <> Because you love me...
Clu:CURRENT Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton BBS list...
Clu: (Some telnetable!)
Samantha :Whammer I have some leftover Nachos for you
Samantha :I will give them to you at the reunion
Manager:TELNET://518BBS.KICKS-ASS.NET ^ch'k uz out^ (cheap hosting/domain names)
The Panther:Wow, talk about wallowing in nostalgia
Black Phant:Kram: It's what's for dinner.
Whammer Jam:mmm...liquid cheese & soggy chips. Samantha loves me
Samantha :Sammie has always loved Whammy!
Samantha :Sharing is caring!
kram:Check out bbsfinder!
Black Phant:yeah I checked it just now it's still there
Toilet Duck:telnet:// -- Tele-Arena, MMud, TW2002
Johann Wahn:telnet:// - CALL NOW
jas hud:AND bbsfinder blowS.
jas hud:someone read my rant on reverse speech
jas hud:hceeps esrever no tnar ym daer enoemos
bOnZaI DuCk:Call me DJ Friendly Sauce
Hondo:Toilet Duck, great a great band name, too
Hondo:Tonight in Concert: "Toilet Duck"! Yeaaaaahhhhhhh
Hondo:and what are you sharing, Sam?
nullvalue:good movie title, too.. "HOWARD THE TOILET DUCK"
MobbyG:Amiga-Z BBS -= telnet:// =- Come Visit!
Clu:Wasn't it already "Howard the Tiolet Duck"? ;)
jas hud:hey, movies with midgets in duck costumes are k00L!
Julie Harlo:You're BACK... yayy
Samantha :My old Nachos w/ Whammer
Toilet Duck:telnet:// -- Tela-Arena, MajorMud, TW
RoadRunner:Great CNet BBS at telnet://
Jadius Juni:"and now for something completely different"
SHEWOLF:I found my way back to prostar!! HI ALL!!
nullvalue:'tis mearly a flesh wound!
Black Phant:It's only a model...
Whammer Jam:What is your favorite color?
Meris:High Society BBS is
Jadius Juni:"Your mother was a hamster...
Jadius Juni:and your father smelt of elderberries!"
MollyHell:Wow MONTY PYTHON QUOTES.. WHO would have expected it.
Whammer Jam:Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Black Phant:mollyhell, It time for something entirely dif
Black Phant:mollyhell, It's time for something entirely differnt
Black Phant:I guess I blew that one...
Jadius Juni:"What are you looking at...
Jadius Juni:...haven't you ever seen the hand of god before?"
Lost:High Society Florida Lives Again !!!
kM:also, login does not work with Mozilla. IE stinks!
Jamie:Telnet:// over 150 games
Black Phant:RESET BOTH BRE GAMES? I recall that python quote?!?
MobbyG:-=[Amiga-Z BBS]=- telnet://
Coach:Damn is Queeny still begging for credits ?
Coach:Meris is not my child, no matter what Whynot says
Power N Ski:Nullvalue, we need FE and BRE in leagues 777 & 444!
Exciter:Gwar players telnet:// 2 IBBS games!
Jadius Juni:"Ward, I think you were a little hard on the beaver"
KoolAzAid:**TELNET://518BBS.KICKS-ASS.NET** Hott Site!
SkiDawg:Come visit!!!!!
Hobbes:Any Anaheim/Fountain Valley/etc chunkers around today
Clu:Dallas BBS's... alive and kicking...
Clu: for BBS list
Aks:telnet:// Cool BBS :)
Black Phant:ummm... these eldaberries are good.
nullvalue:I fart in your general direction! now go away or i
nullvalue:shall taunt you a second time!
Basehead:, for wwiv and citadel fans
Kaboom:Tonight 10-01-04 Funeral Quest Contest,
Black Phant:Oh, nevermind it must be down... ZING!!!!
RoadRunner:DoAT BBS
RoadRunner:DoAT BBS telnet://
Kaboom:Spammates? Nah try this site -hehe
Jamie:join us at telnet://
Jadius Juni:"Bring out your dead!"
tracker1:TRN (telnet too)
Galadriel, :PDX MUDDERS!
Michelangel:Fascinating... it's the Garden Wall all over again..
rex:Come check my bbs out telnet://
bOnZaI DuCk:travelling faster than the speed of beer
Black Phant:telnet:// WoI is first Amiga One Cnet BBS!
vasudeva:god = fudge brownies
bOnZaI DuCk:mmmmmmmmmmm hash brownies....
barracuda, :mutants! dammit, MUTANTS!
Simple Magi:look my forum site over @
Jadius Juni:"excuse me, but is that a bannana in your ear?" join in lookin for some game player
bOnZaI DuCk:hey 4Nexters, read myy forum post...
Black Phant:James Earl Jones & DSL just don't go together. YUCK!
Black Black Knite's Dungeon files, games
Black Knite:Black Knite's Dungeon 24/7 many files and door games
Basehead:, IT'S A BBS - the resurrection (SHAMELESS PLUG)
Yogi:Y.C. Cafe BBS Is Back! telnet://
Urgo:anyone know where to get mp3s of modem handshakes?
Hacker The :Looks like the BBS database is down
nullvalue:fixed, thx. - DOC based BBS
James Bond:Play(LOGD)Web-based ver of
hyper:These days suck! no dailup bbs's around anymore
Black Phant:312-997-1974 Window of Illusion (try in a few days)
Black Phant:little jack in my morning coffee helps start the day.
Basehead:, it's bbs-a-licious
Black Phant:Ya know, I am getting kinda sick of the ads here. =(
kram:I think its past time for a new voting topic
nullvalue:Yeah, I guess so! Got any suggestions for a poll?
Black Phant:do a favorite cartoon poll =)
nullvalue:there would be too many choices for a poll :(
Kaboom:Favorite Search Engine? Browser? Blonde/Redhead?-hehe
Mega-Dog:OK you old DLX nuts! VDLX is having a new v. soon!!!
bOnZaI DuCk:I'm not the best, but I'm the top two... ;)
Black Phant:search engine? do one on your favorite finger then.
Chronos:telnet:// Come join us!
jas hud:ah, every day is better than the next!
Agent Green:Can't get into a specific BBS...getting a 404.
Agent Green:Actually...can't bring up any of the BBS forums.
Agent Green:MH Crew: Meet on 11/24 @ Denny's Lincoln Plaza @ 7pm
Agent Green: So we can sign a card for Lisa's Family
Tuneman:best BBS IN RHODE ISLAND the only bbs in ri
Ditto:ImPrOmPtU GT~~~TY Park---Today 3pm at AMF Bowling
MobbyG:telnet:// -=- The Amiga-Z BBS
Tommy: . You know you want the flan.
Dmaster:telnet:// - Re-opened 12/2004
Black Phant:
Black Phant:Ya gonna advertise then do it right! =)
nullvalue:Happy Holidays from BBSmates!
jas hud:when in doubt, pull it out kids!
Fessiloniou:Tab A in Slot No.
darkling:happy new year to all ... rules!
darkling:i commit random acts of kindness ..
darkling:get it?
darkling:no, anybody get it?
darkling:three more is a charm.
Kaboom:Happy New Year Nullvalue, and all of BBSmates!
Fessiloniou:New. Year. Happy. Yeah.
darkling:Happy New Year!!!
Black Phant:Happy New Year!!!
MobbyG:Does this year come with a limited warranty?
Black Phant:Yeah, I know I want my money back already!
Illicit Har:ansi science gone bad
Chronos: - you know you waaaaant it
Spaceman Sp:Don't piss in the drain
Rapala:Hey people
Odnetnin:Not another starbucks!
Black Phant:amigaz, woi, omega, necro, or doat +
Black Phant:amigaz,woi,omega,yccafe,necro, or doat +
Meredith (I:I miss the dial-up days...
Ace:Forgotten Realms BBS... Bringing You Back In Time.
Ace:Forgotten Realms BBS
Komunero:Pucela BBS (Spain) telnet:// Fido
Black Phant:Happy Monday!
Pengi:** Pengi has just handed you a fringoza!!
Black Phant:DIRTY BOMB! What? Who said, "ditry bomb?" Was it you?
rydia:Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum, minutus carborata
rydia:descendum pantorum.
Marauder:404 forever!
MobbyG:Klatu! Baratta! Nikto! telnet://
jas hud:Who put Chocolate in my peanut butter?!!!
Steo:Global Village BBS telnet
Black Phant:amigaz,woi,omega,yccafe,necro,or doat +
jas hud:test
KAOS:KAOS Empire BBS telnet:
Black Phant:Live free or die!
whitewolf:Why is the BBS & User Search not working?
big poppa:This sucks...not working!
Diamond Dav:Telnet BBS Guide
nullvalue:working now! sorry :)
Heavy Metal:LMDMetal BBS ** 360-491-9572 ** Dial-up only!
mrproper:WarZone BBS - telnet or www:
KoolAzAid:TELNET://DIGITALDIVE.KICKS-ASS.NET -- Never Never Land (sorry no MJ)
First Offic:telnet://
mrproper:BBSsearch - Synch,
Motor City :Motor City Entertainment /with all the candy!
Black Phant:Where have all the nullvalues gone?
Blackout:anyone who remembers check out
herauthon:Joshua is back
Black Phant:WHOA! I just saw a nullvalue stick his toung out! WOW
tracker1:sigh: giving in...
Bauhaus:Who remembers the Demon's Web in metro Detroit?
Pantharen:MajorMud still going strong.
pimp daddy:iCE bbS - 180+ gigs, nice ANSi -
bOnZaI DuCk:Come to daddy...
Motor City :Motor City Entertainment
Time Warrio:Chicago GT! June 25th! Read the GT section!
Black Phant:We miss you in IRC nuller!
Fletch:DDIAL/STS Fantasia is ONLINE telnet://
pimp daddy:iCE BBS 10+ n0dez - <-new addy
nullvalue:MAYBE CARRIER?
PackRatt:Not tonight honey... I have a modem
caphood:Piranha 2005 vintage ACiD board
Time Warrio:Where'd the Chicago peeps go? 312 forum people! :-)
Black Phant:BBSmates needs a news feed, ie: XML/RSS
pimp daddy:iCE BBS 27+ reged doors -
Don Quixot:Dulcinea, wherefore have thou gone?
Elizabeth19:Any old seattle matchmaker members out there? :)
tracker1:Roughneck BBS ... ... kicks ass!
Black Phant:Come chat in joinlink tonight on Window of Illusion
Black Phant:Thursdays & Saturdays at 9PM CST telnet://
Black Phant:Learn more at about Joinlink at -
Motor City :Motor City Entertainment /with all the candy! NEW!
nullvalue:email me if you have an idea for a new poll..
Shakespeare:Why does the mainmenu dissapear after login?
Black Phant:favorite Operating System for the next poll
Motor City :Barren Realms that is registered!!!!
Fletch:telnet:// for Fantasia Online! Chat Line
pimp daddy:iCEBBS.. telnet:// (damn good!!!)
Motor City :Motor City Entertainment / NEW!
Rainman:Never Never Land Telnet://
Captain Kir:Pre-order the DVD set!
Black Phant:Naw I will wait till I can get it on a warez site
Black Phant:Who owns PoO? I own PoO! Who owns PoO? I own PoO!
The Cat:telnet:// - It's a cool place to visit
Heavy Metal:Le Maison De Metal...closing its modem after 14 yrs.
Starslayer: - The City Morgue BBS!
Kiki:I like God Of War for PS2.
Motor City : A new BBS with lots to offer!!!
pimp daddy:Kick Ass BBS (iCE BBS WHQ) ->
daemonopus:"Jesus forgot his safeword." Meme by Null Unit '95!
Black Phant:HAHAHAHA! Daemonopus, that is a good OneLiner! =)
James T. Ki:Buy your five copies today
Shakespeare:Why can't I see the freaking menu?
Captain Kir:I second that - support the BBS documentary!
cipris:tellnet:// - TheWitching Hour BBS
nullvalue:Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser..
Black Phant:It's ten o'clock do you know where your JavaScript is
unicornman:larry if your out there contact Danny in bradenton
Rach-Dog wi:hello
PhoneFool:Use of common sense is authorized
Fletch:Fantasia! Telnet:// DDIAL/ATS/
Mr.Msk/Garf:Remember when ANSI art used to be the best?
RaD Man:ANSI is the best. PhatSite.
Photon, Liq:No Yodeling!!
Sledge Hamm:ANSI... What a laugh.. but the best for the times!!!
Baudsurfer:Looking for ex-ThePirateship BBS Sysop. Cnt: #irc #ef
sarah conno:where's all my 0-700 boys..
Black Phant:Amiga Hack n' Slash Back online! -
Rainman:telnet:// Never Never Land
bishop:The Lighter Side BBS : Tons of games :
rikkie:Where are my old TRG, CHHS friends, enemies, ex's??
Black Phant:Krazy Kaplin Fireworks... He so crazy he's nuts!
Bagwan:Nostalga overload. I'd love to hear from old friends
pimp daddy:iCE BBS....AWESOME BBS!
Havok: Too wired to stay dead! DDIAL/STS/ATS, login from web!
pimp daddy:iCE bbS is back up after moving!
nullvalue:Happy 4th!!!!#$!#$!$
rikkie:I cannot figure this out...where is the gang?
Radical Use:Happy 6th!
Ruadhan:how do you kill other players on this mud?
Cold -- back after 10 years
Calvin:<-- Old Gang, Right Here. ;)
The Avante :Greetings 'Mates, Long Time No Extrapolate The Iguana
Mistress_Cl:anyone here that used to be on the rock garden?
Calvin:<-- I was on TRG, name is Calvin.
Darklord:F'in A, good to see you guys
Black Phant:Hella Yeah! "Mistress Claudia", damn that's hot!
Thrawn:<-- I was on The Mythical Realms... good times!
Captain Kir:Check out
pimp daddy:BLAzE 1 uP and TeLneT T0 -=-=->
pimp daddy:Ambroshia 4.5 with quests and 50 fights at ice bbs 2!
Ralph:Let Mankind Receive It's King!
Calvin:AZ bbsers, check out
Espresso:you can take the girl out of the nerd but...
Zilch:keep finding more AZ photos!! check /oldbbs
Shape Shift:HEY! You kids! Get off my Graffiti Wall!
maggi:who you calling kids??
Shape Shift:I was BBSing before anyone knew what a mouse was, kid
sarah conno:INC '92. Best there ever was.
Steve Adams:Ah BBSing... where flaming still meant nothing
kaos:Telnet to KAOS Empire kaosempire.dyndn