nullvalue: Hello, and welcome to! enjoy your stay!7/17/2002
nullvalue: Voting booth coming soon!7/17/2002
nullvalue: Forum for each BBS coming soon!7/17/2002
Dragon: The only way to win, is to not play the game.7/17/2002
Rabbit: Keep looking up 'cause that is where the Dragon is.7/17/2002
spartan: HELLO7/18/2002
Time Warrio: OK lets see if this works7/19/2002
Time Warrio: did :-)7/19/2002
The Slipped: Hurrah.7/19/2002
tiger: anyone know of a telnet Amiga bbs with a hacker game?7/20/2002
The Phantom: The Outer Limits7/21/2002
Johann Wahn: TW: Hi :)7/21/2002
Time Warrio: I know of a Cnet board but dunno if it has that game7/21/2002
EPoCoLYPS: damn this brings back memories7/21/2002
Hanger 18: It can be easily ascertained that the Toenail owns u7/22/2002
Benjy mouse: What a cool website!7/23/2002
cold, et al: i had an actual amiga bbs, until i updated DOS.7/23/2002
cold, et al: thou it works on my old A2000. 7/23/2002
Ryche: anyone have Transphor BBS software (not the forum hak7/23/2002
ACTION: My favorite BBS Door is Imperium7/23/2002
Heavy Metal: Le Maison De Metal BBS is STILL alive! 360-493-0798 7/23/2002
MOD: -spam- telnet://warlordz.darktech.org7/24/2002
South Side: Anyone from Virtual Playmates?7/24/2002
South Side: Anyone from Virtual Playmates?7/24/2002
Virus_II: telnet:// - Games only board7/24/2002
Niro, Hemlo: Image BBS Rocked!7/24/2002
the doctor: 602 Arizona BBSer... check out http://retrobbs.org7/24/2002
the doctor: 602 Arizona BBSer... check out http://retrobbs.org7/24/2002
Immortal: telnet://hideawayonline.net7/25/2002
Captain Vid: Check out Wyldeside BBS telnet://wyldeside.dyndns.org7/25/2002
DOC: The Doc was here :) http://www.docsplace.org7/26/2002
HardDrive: telnet://matrix.dotheyknow.net7/26/2002
Hanger 18: Broken Toenail 0wnZ bbsmates! w00t!7/27/2002
ThunderKat: Props to all us old school door gamers!!!7/27/2002
Virus_II: telnet:// - Games only board7/28/2002
eli: Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am telnet://skulls.sytes.net7/28/2002
MOD: telnet://warlordz.darktech.org7/29/2002
pink floyd: Pink Floyd was here (another brick in the wall) Fido7/31/2002
The Phantom: The Outer Limits BBS- call now!!8/1/2002
South Side: is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS8/1/2002
Vortex: The Vortex BBS http://vortx.darktech.org8/1/2002
Eight Ball: The Ass-Backwards BBS is back!!8/1/2002
Compu-man: C: C:\dos C:\dos\run run\dos\run8/1/2002
Junefly: Try telnet:// for some of the old games.8/3/2002
Diamond Dav: Telnet BBS Guide (400 BBSes!) http://www.dmine.com8/5/2002
Jabberwaki: Nite Eyes BBS!Door Games!telnet://niteeyes.etowns.net8/6/2002
ACTION: The SCUTTLEBUTT BBS theBUTT.thebbs.org8/11/2002
ACTION: The SCUTTLEBUTT BBS theBUTT.thebbs.org8/11/2002
lySergiDe: telnet:// //get faDeD\\8/13/2002
MOD: telnet://warlordz.darktech.org8/13/2002
HardDrive: The Matrix - telnet://matrix.dotheyknow.net8/15/2002
Eight Ball: Ass-Backwards BBS telnet:// www.ssabbs.com8/15/2002
DOC: WWW.DOCSPLACE.ORG Fidonet Mail! Try Our QWK Via Web!8/18/2002
Johann Wahn: Mental Meltdown BBS - telnet://mmbbs.darktech.org8/18/2002
Steve Winn: No! No! My BBS! My BBS!! telnet://bbs.at2k.org8/18/2002
Johann Wahn: telnet:// 8/21/2002
South Side: is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS8/22/2002
VH1: - looking for SAMMY HAGAR FANS8/22/2002
NightStar, : RPGN BBS telnet://rpgamers.homeftp.net8/22/2002
Eight Ball: SSA BBS Is back! telnet:// www.ssabbs.com8/23/2002
caphood: Piranha TELNET / customized Lord!!8/25/2002
sphearion: telnet://pheerxbbs.mine.nu8/27/2002
nullvalue: Link to BBSmates!
nullvalue: Thanks to everyone already linking! much appreciated!9/3/2002
Joyful Girl: Does anyone know of where I can find other old users?9/8/2002
eli: Skulls & Crossbones 9pm-9am eSt telnet://wwiv.bbs.us9/9/2002
South Side: is looking for friends from Virtual Pleasures BBS9/9/2002
Eight Ball: SSA BBS--The Ass-Backwards BBS telnet://ssabbs.com9/10/2002
Starfury: Any UK people here remember BabylonAlpha BBS and me?9/11/2002
Starfury: This place is being accessed quite regularly then?9/11/2002
kram: Check out my do