Past Polls on BBSmates

 • As you remember your childhood, you remember...
 • Which Operating System do you use now?
 • Is Google getting too big?
 • Which holiday do you hate the most?
 • What's your favorite search engine?
 • Who are you gonna be voting for?
 • What is your favorite BBS software?
 • How do you currently connect to the internet?
 • Most I ever payed for a phone bill:
 • Which door game should be added next?
 • What was your favorite BBS art format?
 • How many hours per week did you spend calling BBSes?
 • Your favorite download protocol?
 • Do you use computers at your job?
 • Favorite Terminal Program?
 • Favorite "classic" gaming system?
 • What type of files did you download the most?
 • Most annoying aspect of BBSing?
 • Best OS for hosting a BBS?
 • Did you ever meet someone In Real Life from a BBS?
 • The best aspect about BBSing:
 • My first modem's speed was:
 • How old were you when you first experienced a BBS?
 • Do you still use BBSes?
 • Favorite BBS Door Game?
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