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Thread: Tyco valves supplied to local plant
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Tyco valves supplied to local plant
Posted: 7/31/2009 2:38:04 AM


Spirax Sarco recently supplied a local petrochemical plant with 10 triple off-set Tyco valves with a Spirax Mitech actuator MAS300-200DA-tandum to reduce production and maintenance costs. The life of the new metal-to-metal seating arrangement is expected to be significantly better than the valves originally used.

In this application, the customer transports compressed air from a compressor bank to a general header. From the header the air is piped to a cold box where it is liquefied. The valves isolate the cold box when servicing or repairs are required. The valve is closed and the air is rerouted to another cold box – very costly if it cannot be done when required.

In the past 1200 mm rubber lined butterfly valves were used, the problem being that the liners did not last and were costly to replace. In addition, the plant had to be shut down and two cranes hired to take out the valves, a very costly exercise.

Spirax Sarco’s 1200 mm TYCO tri-centric disc valves solved the problem. The valves should last indefinitely on this application and will save the plant a substantial amount of money both on production and maintenance costs.

The Tyco valves require approximately 32 000 Nm torque to open. Spirax Sarco used its MAS300200DA/T scotch yoke, double acting actuator for this application. This actuator is operated with a 12 mm 110 V solenoid valve.

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