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Thread: Reset
 • Virucizer
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Posted: 10/8/2010 2:06:29 PM

The game needs a reset. It has been running for 3 years and still has 1000s of fighters in every sector from when I dominated the game years ago. Since then, everyone has been deleted from inactivity and the game is impossible to play -- I destroyed every port in the major space lanes and surrounded every exit/entrance into the space lanes with 1000s of figs.
 • Mizar
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RE: Reset
Posted: 11/6/2011 2:46:34 AM
Actually, it was only hundreds of fighters in most sectors out of about half of all sectors that had rogue fighters. It wasn't impossible to play, I managed to get a foothold and build an empire (at the same time that you were trying to get back in the game). I and my allies have been wiping out the rogue fighters everywhere, building new ports in the major space lanes, and invading your old empire for the last year. It's now playable by new players again. - I think that's funnier than hell that you couldn't manage to play the game because of your own dirtbag cut-throat tactics! Maybe now you know how all those newbies back then who wanted to play felt. You all liked to falsely claim I objected to the dirty tactics because I couldn't deal with it myself. Well, I was the ONLY player who prevailed despite the mess you left of the game, and destroyed all your mess to make way for other players who wanted to enter it now! There's some karmic justice for ya, LOL!
 • Virucizer
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RE: Reset
Posted: 9/9/2013 10:30:07 PM
I think it is funnier than hell that you spent over a year clearing figs with your merchant cruiser.

Also amusing is that you consider it 'prevailing' and an 'invasion' when you were playing against the remnants of someone who quit the game several years earlier.
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