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Thread: Web Browser-based Door implementation?
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Web Browser-based Door implementation?
Posted: 8/29/2016 10:46:55 PM

I have a question that I've been looking to get an answer on. I've been researching the question, but haven't found anything specific. I also haven't found many active sites with forums for old BBS questions.

Anyhow, a week ago or so, I was thinking about how one might implement an old school BBS or more specifically, the ability to play BBS Door Games without having to use a telnet, or browser based telnet type client. What I was envisioning was something like this...

Imagine surfing to your favorite website. A link would take you to another browser page where there might be links to available online door games. Instead of having to login to some BBS via a telnet client, or a web-based telnet client, I imagined you simply having to double click a door link and it would automatically popup a logon window where the user would enter their USER ID / PASSWORD. Then if the ID/PASS was correct, the webpage would automatically launch the door and the user could begin playing directly from the webpage. No need to login to a telnet/ANSI bbs and jumping through menus to get to the games menu, no need to launch an external telnet-like client. You'd simply go to the webpage, click on the link to the door you wanted to play, then get a small login window/popup, sign in and boom, the screen would launch the game and away you'd go playing. Of course if you didn't have an account on the system, you'd have to click on some link such as "New User? Sign Up Here".

Anyhow, I have a nice design idea for the layout of the webpages, but I'm not sure if the above concept can be done (yet). Does anyone know if something like described above is possible? For my idea, I wouldn't need file areas or internal mail/forums as those could be setup using more modern methods. I'd just love to see some simple way to go directly from the webpage, to the game without all the steps in between.

If anyone has any information, please let me know.

Thank You

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