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 • John Polka
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Fremen Mountain
Posted: 8/22/2017 2:51:28 PM
I remember calling one of the Fremen Mountain BBSs in the Cleveland area. It was a very unique BBS. It reminded me of a cross between a traditional MUD and a traditional BBS. Looks like you may have ran the original in Chicago. I recall reading that the original was in Chicago. I also recall reading that when you bought the software, you essentially bought a franchise for an area code. Only one Fremen Mountain may be present on any given area code. The one in Cleveland was unique in that it just appeared one day and word spread through the BBSs about this unique yet mysterious BBS. The SysOp never revealed themselves (or at least never directly revealed themselves). This added to the mystery and the allure of the BBS. I'd love to see this BBS up again. Are there any plans on putting it back up on the Internet?
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