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Thread: Science Line BBS
 • Stoney
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Science Line BBS
Posted: 6/27/2003 2:06:00 PM
Anyone ever call this BBS? I gotta admit, this board was great because the Sysop never really looked after it. The file system was massive because people would constantly upload anything and everything and he never removed any of them.

Great system... I used to remember calling up and downloading little DOS utilities for my 8088. Those were the days!

 • Doctor Clu
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RE: Science Line BBS
Posted: 5/3/2011 9:05:52 AM

Sysop never really looked after it eh?    I guess back in the day the sysop was not so important.  You would play games, get files, write messages to other users.   Things would start breaking down which sucked.

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