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Thread: LOOKING for my old friends
 • Jelylorum
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LOOKING for my old friends
Posted: 10/22/2005 11:11:36 PM
Where are you Council, Gargoyle, and Chaos Jester?

find me :(
 • Doctor Clu
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RE: LOOKING for my old friends 408 area code
Posted: 6/30/2011 1:51:42 PM

Here are the California BBS list currently, maybe they are out there...

Albany, CA USA Utopia Dammit! BBS
Anaheim Hills, CA USA Mud Dweller
Bakersfield, CA USA Entertainment Connection
Chico, CA USA MajorSludge
Coachella Valley, CA USA Sanctum II BBS
Copperopolis, CA USA Wastelands BBS
Los Angeles, CA USA A Web Of KayAus
Los Angeles, CA USA BrainToys BBS
Los Angeles, CA USA Heaven's Portal
Los Angeles, CA USA Hooray 4 Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA USA Moe's Tavern
Los Angeles, CA USA Techware
Mission Viejo, CA USA
Deltronix Online
Mountain View, CA USA   Telehack
Mountain View, CA USA Trex / Trex II
Norco, CA USA Vertrauen
Oroville, CA USA TDEC West BBS
Pasadena, CA USA End of the Line (EOL)
Pawcatuck, CT USA Phoenix BBS
Sacramento, CA USA Spatula City
San Diego, CA USA Fanciful Online
San Diego, CA USA Fat City BBS
San Francisco, CA USA Realitycheck BBS
San Luis Obispo, CA USA SLO BBS
San Mateo, CA USA Kewl! BBS
Sunnyvale, CA USA Escape To Other Worlds
Sunnyvale, CA USA Lunatic Fringe
Temecula, CA USA Ultimate BBS
Tujunga, CA USA
Visalia, CA USA   US 99 BBS

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