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Magnetic Visions
Sysop: PooBah
Co-Sysop(s): Masked Magician
Software: Ddial
Country: CANADA
Area Code: 604
Prefix: 926
Years Active: 1987-1998
Still Active: No
Members: 41

The original Magnetic Visions was started by PooBah in 1987, with Co-Sysops d'Sire and Masked Magician. Masked Magician added a second node with prefix 325 circa 1990, boosting the original 7 available lines to 12.

Less than a year later, the first node folded, leaving only the second node hosted from a small room in a sleazy, run down hotel on Main Street. At this time, the Masked Magician changed his handle to "Boopah".

Boopah sold the BBS to Lord Kaotic who roomed with one Armaggedon, now deceased. Kao owed Arma money and Arma seized the opportunity to take MV in payment. Foxy Lady, unaware of this, had paid MV's phone bill to avoid BC Tel cutting off the lines, and hence Arma gave Foxy Lady co-sysop status. Later FL eliminated Arma from any form of control. Long story there.

It was Arma who effected the change of MV to GTalk and he must be commended for that.

MV was still popular but the Internet was growing. FL took the board down in 1994. It was becoming too expensive to maintain the phone lines and BC Tel was withdrawing from repair and maintenance.

Foxy Lady shut down MV

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