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Elite Few (G. Laufer)
Sysop: G. Laufer
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s): C. Kyle
Software: TBBS
City, State: Alexandria, VA
Country: USA
Area Code: 703
Prefix: 765
Years Active: (1982-1994)
Still Active: No
Members: 1

Elite Few BBS was created by one M.Curry sometimes in 1982 (possibly end of 1981), breaking off from ABBS, one of the earliest BBS created at the time. He gave the name of The Elite Few. He ran Elite Few up until about 1985, when he was given the ultimatum by his boss, that either the BBS must go or he must go (he ran it on a computer at his workplace). So, he handed it over to one of the members, S. Gilson, he was the second Sysop. In 1987 Gilson got the same threat, for the same reasons. That's when he contacted me and I ended up to be the third Sysop. I changed the name, dropped the The, that's when it became Elite Few BBS. Also changed the software to TBBS (helped by the first Sysop). The glory days of EF was from about 1988 to 1991. In 1990 I moved from Virginia and operated the BBS from hundreds of miles away (the computer stayed where it was). When the hardware broke down (twice) I had to drive hundreds of miles to fix it. During the glory days, we had a "high class" membership, even a US Senator, a well known radio talk show host, a known FBI man (his name was in the papers not once) and some others from the Washington D.C. scenario. EF was a mostly conversational BBS.

The distance became a serious limitation and that's when C. Kyle, the last Sysop took EF over. It went on for a brief while and finally EF got to the fate of many other BBSs, the internet "killed it". Yet, we were the pioneers of today's internet forums, blogs and all other people-to-people internet communication.

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