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Sysop: Jeffrey M Smith
Co-Sysop(s): Christopher Eden
Software: MajorBBS
City, State: ANAHEIM, CA
Zip Code: 92801
Country: USA
Area Code: 714
Prefix: 956
Years Active: 1994-1997
Still Active: No
Members: 85

100+ Lines, Chat-type board w/all the bells and whistles one could want and a staff always there for any needed help. All popular games, cheap prices, telnetable. Constant upgrades to all the add in modules, latest of everything. First BBS in So Cal to upgrade from 14.4 to 16.8/28.8 modems.

And the office was just a big excuse for a party . WRONG the office was the place the BBS Was Stored and maintained.. it was a way of showcasing alot of tech and allowed people to become freinds as you can see ;)..

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We will always remember....

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