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Industry BBS
Sysop: Tony
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s): Turbo6, Propane, Dirt, Master Cylinder, Macross
Software: Cnet, Exclesior!, Major
Network Affiliation(s): Excelsior! Network
City, State: New Baltimore, Mount clemens, MI
Zip Code: 48047
Country: USA
Area Code: 810
Prefix: 949
Years Active: (1994-2000)
Still Active: No
Members: 46

Began life as 2nd ][ None and helped usher in the reign of the multi-line chat oriented BBSes to the 810 area. Joined Kushner's Excelsior! network of serial-linked Amiga E! systems after swiching from Amiga Cnet in about 1995 or 1996. At it's peak in the late 90's running Major, (I) had about 80 nodes and it's own Tshirts.

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Pretty Self Explanatory :)

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