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!!!Roughneck BBS!!!
Sysop: Tracker1
Sysop Email: 
Software: Synchronet
Network Affiliation(s): Fido, Dove, Zero, nRK
Web/Telnet Address:
Telnetable: Yes
City, State: Phoenix, AZ
Zip Code: 85051
Country: USA
Area Code: 602
Years Active: 4
Still Active: Yes
Members: 82

This is a revival board for Arizona #602 ... this is a current/live bbs. :)

...Members from Rock Garden, Flatland Center, Az Chattle Ranch, Fire & Ice, Smokey's Place, Wizard's Corner, Quiet Room and other az bbses VERY welcome...

Uploaded Image:
Features custom ansi from ICE, TNT, 27", and more...

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