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Sysop: Doctor Dave
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s): numerous
Software: DOC (Dave's Own Citadel)
Web/Telnet Address: telnet://
Telnetable: Yes
City, State: Iowa City, IA
Zip Code: 52242
Country: USA
Area Code: 319
Years Active: 1991-
Still Active: Yes
Members: 248

DOC was based on Citadel/UX but rewritten from scratch by Doctor Dave, Dave "Screaming Fist" Nelson, and maybe a third Dave. Had the capacity to handle many hundreds of users at once, peaked at over 1,000 users connected simultaneously. Currently has over 5,000 active users.

Is top-heavy, the staff makes promises it cannot deliver, users find loopholes around policies, and personally attack each other while utilizing these

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