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Goose's Nest
Sysop: Goose
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s): Rogue
Software: Ezycom
Web/Telnet Address:
City, State: Brisbane, Q
Zip Code: 4105
Country: Australia
Area Code: 617
Years Active: 1992-1999
Still Active: No
Members: 9

At our height, we had over 2000 users, and 5 lines coming into my caravan, at our low, we had one line that was sometimes dial-up and other times telnet. To top off the lowest times, the HDD containing all the data went hay-wire. The backup was lost, and the sysop went AWOL.

There was around 100 online games, 100's of megs o' the coolest files. Masses and masses of message boards.

I'd personally like to thank all the users. You all made it worthwhile.

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Nevyn's title screen that explains everything.

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