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Grove BBS, The
Sysop: Skeezix
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s): None.
Software: ST BBS Express
Network Affiliation(s): None.
Web/Telnet Address:
Telnetable: Yes
City, State: OSHAWA, Ontario
Zip Code: L1K 0L1
Country: CANADA
Area Code: 905
Prefix: 571-6965
Years Active: 1988-1993 (6) / 1997-current (15)
Still Active: Yes
Members: 1

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What is The Grove?

First, we must ask.. what was The Grove?
The Grove is a reincarnated BBS from the late-Eighties era, when Atari still walked (and ruled!) the earth.. when the Amiga was the great hacker machine, and PC's were still in their DOS infancy. The Assassin's Grove (as it was known then) was run originally on a single floppy drive based Atari 520ST computer (yes, 360k floppy, 512K of RAM). Later it moved to two single sided floppies, a single sided floppy and a double side floppy, 20MB hard drive, and then lastly to a 60MB hard drive based 1040ST (1MB of RAM) around 1992. It went essentially unchanged until about 1993 when she finally was laid to rest as the Internet became easily available and affordable.

What is The Grove?

Today, The Grove is the same old Atari ST software as I ran in 1992. Most of the games and support software (networking, etc) has long since been lost as the hard drive died around 1995, and the floppies have all gone bad (demagnatized, bitrot, whatever). But I was able to recover the software I used and loved back in the day. And since I've been working in emulation (mostly arcade, some game console) for many years (since 1997), I started working on an Atari ST emulator. Not a good one, but one with the sole purpose of running the old BBS software. Which it now does, and shall until the end of time, for everyone to use and enjoy. Sure, its not modem dialup.. but its still single user, still features message bases with a line based editor, and features fun games, with more to come (as I receover them, and/or write new ones!). So put on your Honeymoon Suite albums and telnet over to the new Grove 2.0!

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