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Reign of Fire
Sysop: Spitfire
Sysop Email: 
Software: CNet Amiga Pro 5.10f
Web/Telnet Address:
Telnetable: No
City, State: Milwaukee, WI
Zip Code: 53132
Country: USA
Area Code: 414
Years Active: 17 years
Still Active: Yes
Members: 1

Clarksville Tennessee has a nick name of the Queen City. In 1991 on a Commodore 64; Queen City's Snake Pit BBS was born We ran C*Base, DMBBS and C-Net64 back then. It survived as it grew to the Commodore 128 then we moved to the CNet Amiga Pro and an Amiga 1000 then an A500 before its death in 1995 when AOL (those bastards) got the internet kick going. Then in 2003, Queen City was Re-Born! Running the Classic CNet Amiga Pro BBS v3.05c and it lasted for about 2 years. Now in 2010 its renamed and back up for business. Reign of Fire is its name, and its running on an Commodore Amiga emulator on the new CNet Amiga Pro v5.1x BBS program. RoF has Message bases, games and warez! Please join Reign of Fire BBS and share this with your friends on FB.

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