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Battle of Evermore
Sysop: Lady CatNinja
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s): Constantine (for awhile)
Software: Renegade
Network Affiliation(s): None
City, State: CHICAGO, IL
Country: USA
Area Code: 312
Prefix: 476
Years Active: (1993-2001)
Still Active: No
Members: 11

Evermore was primarily a message board, though we had some interesting doors. We encouraged a good flame war and I loved to get into them. So much fun. Although it was primarily dead by that time, the BBS did not go down until I moved and HAD to take it down. That was my oath to my users, I wouldn't take Evermore down until circumstances forced me, and indeed they did. I live in Oak Lawn these days, not far from my home at Evermore on the South Side. But, ah, the memories. Evermore is down, but never will it be forgotten. It's still sitting there, on an idle hard drive, awaiting the days of revival.

Your Sysop,

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