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Blue Room, The Blue Room
Sysop: Larry Chatterson
Software: TAG
City, State: Allen Park, MI
Zip Code: 48101
Country: USA
Area Code: 313
Years Active: (1984-2000) 15 years
Still Active: No
Members: 21

Started the Blue Room in 1984 running TAG bbs software which was authored in Michigan and maybe Taylor, Michigan but could be wrong on the city. I got the software from a gentleman that was manager of a Radio Shack that was on Telegraph Rd. in Taylor who was running a TAG system out of the store and not long after I got the Blue Room up and running the bbs system in the RS store, he had to shut it down because of the management. I did have a lot of help from some really great people that some had their own bbs systems running. I had to shut down because of Y2K and no one wanting to upgrade the software. I was tempted to just run the bbs with the date set back to 1980 which was easy to do. But then at that time there was maybe 10 users calling. I’m honored to have learned so much from my users and the friendships that built from it all was priceless. The BBS party’s we had and even the last one the adults went to a bar where they had singing and that was fun. Sometime after that I became a diabetic and after hearing that I quit smoking and drinking all at the same time and haven’t looked back.

I had figured that in the 15 years of running 24/7 we logged about 85,000 calls.
The number was 313-386-6135

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