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Garion - Joined 6/1/2003
I was a cosysop for this board about 7 years ago. Had somewhere around 32-48 lines. Farwest Trivia, MajorMudd, etc. Some of the guys that started it made Silverware BBS software or something like that.
panhead - Joined 7/29/2003
Dolan - Joined 8/5/2003
Angel Baby - Joined 11/17/2003
Sgt. Friday - Joined 11/22/2003
Sheeesh... Prism is still around?
Alpha - Joined 1/10/2004
isn't this just a blast from the past? Spent quite some time on this board... wasting quite a bit of time during my highschool years..
pendola - Joined 1/23/2004
Enigma - Joined 2/9/2004
it's still active? what?
Joykiller - Joined 2/20/2004
zarkle - Joined 3/1/2004 AIM: Zarkle666
Egon - Joined 3/2/2004
If I remember correctly, the guys that ran this site were in my High School gym class at the time and yet, the board was "Adults Only." Friggin Hypocrites! :)
daemonopus - Joined 3/2/2004
i was a mud_op
Matilda, Sway, - Joined 3/24/2004
DizneyD Dizn DisneyD - Joined 3/30/2004
Vollyball anyone?
ragnarock - Joined 4/4/2004
I remember meeting two girls "Grippli" Emily, and I forget what Aliyah's nick was but they ended up going to my highschool and we hung out for two years, I miss those chicks ;(
Silent Stalker - Joined 5/31/2004
Fae - Joined 6/7/2004
So I was like, hmm no one is on AMX or 4NEXT? Let's try Prism. :) The conversation was way more interesting.
Baron Von S., Happy Noodle Boy - Joined 6/25/2004
Was on from time to time.
icon - Joined 6/26/2004
I pretty much just showed up to play volleyball.
Rainmaker - Joined 7/8/2004
Been a long time... I Still remember going over to REM's condo down the street from mine to pay my monthly dues! :)
Dead Parrot - Joined 7/8/2004
Also Slipstream, Cyberjack.
cal - Joined 7/8/2004
Weee. I wasnt on prism long, just there for friends. :)
freejacker - Joined 7/15/2004
sarlalian - Joined 7/15/2004
thrym - Joined 7/15/2004
Fantom - Joined 7/19/2004
kit-kat - Joined 7/21/2004
Boy Crazy-D.J. - Joined 7/28/2004
I dont know who I was on here...
snuffyette - Joined 8/11/2004
also windsong. this is weird. hi guys. airwolf and i ruled at trivia.
Arena BBS/Medcom/Edenbbs - Joined 9/15/2004
blackpug I seem to remember doing trivia too here? Very funy to find this site.
Solarbaby - Joined 9/26/2004
percival - Joined 11/15/2004
SprayPaint - Joined 2/8/2005
oceana - Joined 2/25/2005
wow this is wild I found this site - please email me if you knew me then!
Wits - Joined 2/28/2005
Sex with the dead... is that intercorpse? :)
Dippius Ultrix - Joined 3/2/2005
Hey all!
Wendy Time - Joined 3/3/2005
You might also remember "Delta Clipper"
Israel's Son, Alone, Xyloid - Joined 3/29/2005
I barely remember this...
Pegasus - Joined 6/22/2005
Hello, all. Boy did I waste hours and hours on this board. I kinda miss it!
vampyre - Joined 6/23/2005
AKA Possibly BlackVelvet...Don't Remember Back That Far.
Koopur, Metric, Lyliac - Joined 7/7/2005
God, spent a good portion of my early youth on Prism and at DoA meetups.
Airique` - Joined 9/21/2005
I doubt anyone would remember me..I was Lady Nightingal. Which was spose to be Lady Nightingale but hey what can ya do..Please feel free to type to me as i did have alot of friends on this board and miss it ever so much...Remember i was the crazy one who walked through a bunch of cities for a meet. Because i promised someone i would be there.
White Shadow - Joined 9/22/2005
Prior - Joined 9/26/2005
Oh god...
aristocrat, demon, demonloard, empathic dreams - Joined 9/28/2005
Luvd this BBS, was my first. none of you will remember me I was Demon I believe but hey I was young ;)
Skunk, Ferret - Joined 10/9/2005
My time on this place was pretty short. Not too many names I recognise, but Lady Nightengal and White Shadow are a couple of em
Petie - Joined 10/29/2005
Wow, I miss this board!!! Lots of good times and good people that I lost touch with when I moved back to NY...if you remember me, feel free to email me.
fetish - Joined 11/8/2005
Czar, Bondage, Hips Like Cinderella, Ash, etc. - Joined 11/14/2005
Metis or Grey - Joined 1/8/2006
JorgWallace - Joined 7/24/2007
Prism was the bomb. I used to hang out with Jarik (Wolverines, Brian, Wolver-f***ing-rines), married Panther, and went to all the DOA meets. Heck, I even met my wife at a DOA meet for my 18th birthday!
Cygnostik or Synthetix? - Joined 8/30/2007
audacious, audacious audrey - Joined 11/12/2007
It has been way too many years
Dream Master - Joined 12/21/2007
Excellent Trivia BBS with fun chat! Sad that I didn't live in close proximity to all the users.
dupre - Joined 1/12/2008
yes. i was on prism. i was reminded by seeing "white shadow" on here. anyone recognizing me, drop me a line.
SpikeHeels or Snidely Whiplash - Joined 3/24/2008
I cant remember which. Used to come here when Eden was dead...I hated being addicted to these wonderful places with all of you creepy cool people! Anybody ever heard from Cat or Lindarella or Natural Woman
Comedian, ozymandias, fish - Joined 8/14/2008
I am too late for the party? WTF if you look hard enough im sure you will stumble across me on facebook
BlackHawk, Chris - Joined 1/16/2009
My first BBS, almost as good as your first kiss, but not really.
pangaea - Joined 2/1/2009
Prism was a great place. It was the best way to learn to touch type super fast, far and beyond those stupid massive computers in the keyboarding class at Los Alisos with the 10.5" floppy disks. Who would have ever imagined what online communities would evolve into?
Nox, Aurora, Salacia - Joined 2/9/2009
druid warlock - Joined 5/14/2009
Good times, remember the meets people and countless hours playing tradewars. Even bought some cheeseball software to find dead end sectors.
Frumph - Joined 6/23/2009
Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) aka Aladdin Sane
KaJoInGa - Joined 8/17/2009
holy cow this is weird. I miss those days! HI to all who remember me - I truly had fun back then going to meets and beating all your a$$es at that rapid fire trivia game. :) The live trivia games in teleconference were hiliarious. All the best.
Lord Seavtialn / Ethereal Dragon - Joined 9/15/2009
Spent some time here but not as much as Liberty
suzieq1982 - Joined 3/8/2010
suzieq - Joined 3/8/2010
Zephyr - Joined 3/11/2010
julia - Joined 4/12/2010
Hi I just start my experience on BBS.It is full of fun...
Dopey or Techy - Joined 5/17/2010
Original co-sysop that founded the board with REM.
rms kitten - Joined 6/26/2010
Rms kitten or pink dragon or maybe kilo the good old days
Link - Joined 9/7/2010
miss maturity - Joined 10/19/2010
Leper - Joined 10/19/2010
SlowPoke - Joined 3/24/2011
I was just cruising the web and found this site...interesting! Its crazy how online chats have evolved. Remember DoA?? I miss Line Noise!
Yavata - Joined 6/22/2011
fretman - Joined 5/18/2014
Buckwheat - Joined 11/24/2016
Great times. Lots of friends. Meeting at DoA at ungodly hours. Playing TeleArena and Crossroads. Mega drama in the chat lounges...

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