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Question Mark - Joined 7/21/2003
I was the damn Sysop. You all got on here for your needed software. Link up!
V3RUC4, Cyber Chick - Joined 8/15/2003
Skirmish - Joined 12/30/2016
Not sure what handle I used on here. Been doing the bbs scene for a while playing Majormud and such. I was on a mission. I was hunting for knowledge. This bbs changed everything for me. It was a starting point to what was to become. The knowledge I found here was just pointing me in another direction, but first I'm trying to download as many files as I can, but you had to upload something in order to download something. I was uploading small files just because I was on a 28.8 modem. Till one day the sysop brings me into a chat. He tells me I can't download anything else until I upload something that's reasonably good. My 1 gig HD was near it's limit and I still had nothing worth uploading. I did have this racing game I think it was called Stunts and it looked somewhat like the Star Fox graphics for snes. It was cheesy and it was my only hope. The file was roughly 30 megs and I'm thinking this is going to take forever to upload. So after I uploaded it, I awaited for his verdict. I was doubtful, but he approved it with a "It'll do. It has alright graphics" comment. With a sigh of relief I downloaded what I could and left with a smile. My path now leads me to the unknown something called the IRC. I made many friends heres and became one that now shares that knowledge I've gained. It dawned on me that if I wasn't for Question Mark I wouldn't have been able to experience any of this. I hope you still live in the Spokane area. We should meet and I'll share the rest of that story. I truly miss the old days.

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