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doctor zero - Joined 11/27/2002
I was also.. ahem.. Thunderbunny, and Sludge Puppy
Yossarian - Joined 1/14/2003
The first BBS I logged into (ca. 1987 or 88?), and one of the best! I think that I went by "Yossarian" there, but I could be mistaken; the only users I can recall off of the top of my head right now are Leper Messiah and Smi2le... hell, I had a RL friend on there and I can't even remember his alias!
The Wanderer - Joined 2/18/2003
I was a co-sysop here for a while....
desius - Joined 2/22/2003
This and Oblivion were two of the best H/P/C boards. This was a cDc board run by Leper Messiah
Ryche - Joined 3/3/2003
TOTALLY KILLER BBS!!! the illegalities section was awesome, the apple 2 software was awesome, and the sysop was awesome. Would love to talk to the system or ANY members - please email me at if you were a member here!!!!
m&m - Joined 10/13/2004
Ryche - Joined 12/10/2020

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