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PerrinGoldeneyes - Joined 9/20/2002
Yet another one... I think I signed up for this one just as it was about to shut down, and all the BBS users were disappearing.
Sub-Spirit, Mosaic, Shadowfire - Joined 10/9/2002
What's up, Mobsta?
Wolvorine - Joined 2/6/2003
deception / raven - Joined 3/19/2003
I was the frickin co-sysop MAC'n the honey's
Rainman - Joined 4/24/2003
My own party.
narf, fraggle - Joined 6/27/2003
Mobsta's? Looks more like freaks and weirdos :)
Pimp Daddy - Joined 6/30/2003
Don't look at me like that.
hitman/the juvenile/grim reaper - Joined 7/25/2003
i think i was banned here a couple of times :p gotta respect rainy for keeping this place around after all these years.
leather,chuckman - Joined 7/14/2004
I was on rainmans bbs in the 90's when it was still a dial up system... if anyone would like to get a hold of me please do so... would love to hear from some of the old users
kain - Joined 3/5/2005
another one that I'm fairly sure that I was on for at least a little bit
Doctor Clu - Joined 7/8/2011
Fast, trust, and pixie dust...

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