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ebb - Joined 9/20/2002
this bbs had a bunch of losers chatting about nothing ... unfortunately I was one of them.
Charm, Athena - Joined 9/22/2002
Traal - Joined 9/23/2002
crystalia - Joined 10/8/2002
Amergin - Joined 11/14/2002
Maybe I'm a goth.
Fester - Joined 11/15/2002
Kirbs, Myself, Seagull, Blackrose - Joined 11/15/2002
Wharris ate caterpillars.
pmantis - Joined 11/15/2002
I spent *way* too much time chatting here in junior high/high school.
Blood Doll, Tank Girl, Wednesday, Xiang Shi - Joined 11/15/2002
bladernr - Joined 11/25/2002
My Home board.. my school.. my life.. Ages ago it was what we all lived in.. The lunch times in the computer labs.. chatting with others that were in the labs and outside.. time well wasted
zapp - Joined 11/25/2002
The best and worst times of my youth can be attributed to this system and my concurrent lack of maturity at the time. I'm so happy I survived it.
Mercury - Joined 11/25/2002
I remember when this BBS ran Opus. This and Sho-Tronics were probably my two most commonly traveled BBS systems. RIP sparafucile.
tracker1 - Joined 2/7/2003
Was on here for a while, and really miss it a lot... currently run a telnet bbs, see
Bigfoot - Joined 2/9/2003
I remember playing a LOT of trivia here :) Met some fun people at the GT's too :)
Smiles - Joined 2/10/2003
Hi Everyone!! :D
Doc, Doc Brown - Joined 2/12/2003
Don Donald - Joined 2/24/2003
I graduated CHHS in 1990, and the CHHS BBS was the BBS taht introduced me to the sordid BBS world. ;-)
Mohica, Vampiress, Psychoic - Joined 3/26/2003
This be Mohica from CHHS!!
moramis - Joined 7/6/2003
oh yeah
Deunan - Joined 7/8/2003
Nightmare - Joined 7/9/2003
Moi - Joined 7/12/2003
Remember me? Oh, I probably remember you. :) good times.. loved saturday night and denny's gt's..
Graymalkin, Firehawk - Joined 7/13/2003
Pylon - Joined 7/17/2003
Snowy, Snowball - Joined 8/1/2003
zoso - Joined 9/2/2003
Was a student at CHHS.
Weener - Joined 9/13/2003
Crazy days.
Montor - Joined 9/26/2003
Ok. this is intereseting.
WeirdOne - Joined 10/8/2003
i was a red user a lot. *hide*
Newguy,Respawn,Ninjis,Commonblood,Crimson-Hurt - Joined 10/8/2003
Didn't go on as much until it was put back down to 4 lines. Always read the poetry.
Amerist - Joined 10/11/2003
Oh Years Ago We See.
Black Knight, Big K - Joined 10/21/2003
Called because a friend pointed me to it... was cool how the sysops changed year to year....
Oceanaa, unicorn and oceanaa on chhs) - Joined 11/6/2003
hi there this is Tina i use to get on this bbs! It was fun! i only got on this bbs for the summer though then i came back a couple times when i wasn't in PHX. Well my email address is
Riot Grrrl - Joined 11/11/2003
Shakespeare - Joined 12/5/2003
Uhm. I remember that cool text wrap-around trick you could do in the chat room, and how much I could piss off Wharris and Drice. Oh yeah, and TP'ing Wharris' house alot.
speedster - Joined 12/21/2003
Good old days!
twilight - Joined 1/15/2004
Guess Who, Zero, Deth Eel From the Planet X - Joined 2/18/2004
My account on here 'Zero' was pretty much public property.
flagg - Joined 2/18/2004
The Ace - Joined 3/22/2004
Mouse - Joined 6/28/2004
I miss noids, and writing on the "wall".
Sapphire - Joined 7/8/2004
Noonien/Tigger - Joined 7/12/2004
Shorty - Joined 7/24/2004
Epic - Joined 8/10/2004
Met my wife Tricia(alias Purrrrrrr) at a Denny's GT! Remember us? Say Hi!
fish, pheeesh - Joined 9/9/2004
Helfax - Joined 9/23/2004
Suede - Joined 9/25/2004
Heh, what can I say...
malice - Joined 11/8/2004
i miss this place...
Quickie, Quicksillllllver!, Zyllyx, Enigma - Joined 11/13/2004
Good ol' Paul Anau...
scuzzy - Joined 1/2/2005
Ricker - Joined 1/6/2005
Punk - Joined 4/9/2005
The free half-hour a day I spent here were probably the highlight of my day. How sad is that?
riker, spork, aethan - Joined 4/12/2005
Haze - Joined 5/9/2005
bractune,chris - Joined 5/28/2005
this bbs and the people on it were such a significant part of my life, it can't possibly be overstated.
Bagwan, Clash, Tomoru - Joined 6/17/2005
I'd love to be able to spend an hour or two in CHHS TLC again.
Simulana - Joined 6/18/2005
rikkie - Joined 6/22/2005
The one and only...
Calvin - Joined 7/8/2005
Onrush - Joined 7/13/2005
Hayden - Joined 7/16/2005
Crimson - Joined 7/20/2005
I miss this place.
Gitane, Gitana, Ariana - I don't remember them all - Joined 7/20/2005
xanadu, faust - Joined 7/24/2005
get up and kill.
Boblo - Joined 7/28/2005
I live.
Admiral - Joined 8/1/2005
Hi all you CHHSers hahaha
amethyst, evanesce, etc - Joined 9/12/2005
-it's minae.
wildside - Joined 9/19/2005
sorry... got kicked off by the call waiting.
Bigmac - Joined 9/22/2005
Sysop (1996-1998)
Bleys - Joined 10/8/2005
Uh, this was a good bbs.
Rapper - Joined 10/16/2005
Oreo - Joined 11/2/2005
Igor, briefly Werewolf, or Dionysus - Joined 11/15/2005
Julz, Juliard - Joined 11/22/2005
this is where it all started, ack!
MacGyver, Max Headroom - Joined 12/15/2005
There were other MacGyvers, but i think i was lucky to get the correct spelling. Anyways... uh... hi.
madmex - Joined 12/31/2005
again, you all remember me!
Casper - Joined 1/11/2006
Coolkid, Vidar - Joined 1/21/2006
no. thanks, though.
Zaphod - Joined 3/14/2007
Mms - Joined 3/19/2007
swift - Joined 3/25/2007
fun times!
halatos - Joined 4/3/2007
They had a really easy-to-defeat CBV on this system ;)
orange - Joined 9/3/2007
Man, I loved CHHS BBS. I still say TUBBS sucks! Oh, I grew up and married Zipper.
noitcere, stickboy, yoda - Joined 3/27/2008
man... those were the days
Wharris - Joined 11/19/2010
Just found this site! How's it been folks????
Tasloi - Joined 1/11/2012
8 lines of lameness, and a classroom full of tools.. how I miss it.. even with 30 minutes a day..
Admiral - Joined 10/28/2013
Graduated from CHHS in 96. Didn't hang out on the board much, but would play MUDs in the computer labs.

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