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Time Warrior
Area Code: 773
City, State: Chicago, IL
Country: USA
Zip Code: 60630
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Member of: 19 BBSs
Last Login: 8/16/2011 12:59:53 PM (CDT)

Malkavia BBS and Xpresit Net was running from 1994 to 2010. They may as of yet return, but for now I have felt that I've needed to expand priority focus to other areas of my life. So, I make no promises in any direction. I can tell you that I'd like to be in a position for their return someday however.

My BBS and my Echonet were always extensions of myself and thus, a valuable learning experience. From my extremely insecure and volatile teenage years, into my slightly more stable 20s, now in my early 30s I have become much more relaxed and open minded. It was a roller coaster ride of a journey, learning to clear out a lot of emotional bullshit and getting over myself.

In that time, I made a lot of friends and enemies, but I really wouldn't deem anyone as my enemy, anymore. What anyone decides to deem me as, is entirely up to them and I whole heartedly respect their choices, without judgment.

Without the lessons taught by my experiences within the BBSing Realm, I think I would have ended up being far LESS of a person than I am now. I feel that regardless of anything, my experiences in both technology and human interaction, have been rewarding and expansive and have benefited me and helped me evolve in every aspect of my life.

I'm happy. I have good friends I can count on. My father and I have a fish and pond business and yes I mean the "pet store" kind, not the eatable sort. I also make money within the IT field, mostly online involving multimedia platforms and primarily via the "Youtube Partners Program".

Though I am not "rolling in the money" as it were, my finances are on a forward progression. Though life still has its challenges, meeting them with a calm and level-headed state of being has turned what I used to perceive as "burdens" into merely "opportunities" and it has a tendency to end result with unexpected blessings.

I'm still blunt, forward, long winded and, whatever else one might have ever said about me in that regard. But I can shut up and listen in equal measure and it feels great to be able to respect my right to be myself and thus, extend that to others as well. So I can genuinely sit there with a smile on my face while someone is launching off volumes of colorful expletives at me and say to them with pure genuine integrity "I respect your right to your opinion" and of course, laced with my usual bit of silly sarcastic comebacks. But I feel no need to take the words of others to any offense.

Life is a journey. An adventure. So, why not make it a fun one? We can let life live us, or we can live life! Its our choice!

Best wishes to all of my friends and colleges, past and present, within the world of BBSing!

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