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Road Warrior, The Extremist and others
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Area Code: 909
City, State: Riverside, CA
Country: USA
Zip Code: 92505
Gender: Male
Member of: 7 BBSs
Last Login: 3/7/2017 12:00:00 AM 07:33:00.9418172 (CDT)

Had quite a few user names (Road Warrior,The Extremist) some of which I don't remember on many different BBS boards in the early-mid 90s and was on just about anything that had a local number to Riverside. New Age Connection, Coba's BBS, Rubidoux, Comnet 386, Prime Connection, Attention To Details, Computer Corner, Seven Seas and MANY more....MATT Mc.

Member of the following BBSs:

 • Coba's Knightmare
 • DateLine BBS
 • Prime Connection
 • Rubidoux
 • Attention to Details
 • The New Age Connection
 • Success!! BBS

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