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The Hermit
Area Code: 514
City, State: Dorval, Qe
Country: Canada
Zip Code: H9S2X3
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Member of: 0 BBSs
Last Login: 5/17/2017 12:00:00 AM 22:59:05.5828554 (CDT)

Hello, My Name is Danny, I used to be into bbsing during the mid 90's. I started off with a 2400bps modem then to a 14.4 in '94 then finaly got my hands on my dream modem, A USR Courier 56k v.everything lol. in fact i still have it and plan to use it as soon as i can catchup on it. during that time i had run a few platforms of bbs, WWIV,ROBOBBS, MAXIMUS, REMOTE ACCESS.

My plan is to try and get friends and others to get back into bbsing. dialup bbs is a great hobby and just a great platform all around.

any questions about me you can contact me at VE2DXW@HOTMAIL.COM

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