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The Blue Confabulation
Sysop: Smurf
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s): Goodsong, Doctor Who, MiG, Magma to name a few
Software: Major BBS
Network Affiliation(s): none
City, State: PORTLAND, OR
Zip Code: 97206
Country: USA
Area Code: 503
Prefix: 771
Years Active: (1993, 94)
Still Active: No
Members: 112

The Blue Confabulation was the pre-cursor to the internet for Portland. With 21 individual lines at one time and only 2400bps modems, it's allowed people to chat online and then meeting down at the square. Run by Smurf from the Woodstock area of S.E. Portland.

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Jinglecat at the computer

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